Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tips On PR & Working With Brands

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure."
- Colin Powell
When I first started blogging I thought it was easy for bloggers to drop an email to a company and they'd just send you products to review right away. But oh dear, was I wrong!
Of course it's not that easy, it's a whole lot of work before you can actually allow yourself to write a proper email to a brand you'd like to work with.
Down below, I've created one of my beloved lists once again, to talk you through some tips you should consider when wanting to work with a brand.

Think of it as a business matter. Your blog is your own brand and you should be serious about how you present it to others. Brands will want to make sure that you're a person they can rely on and that you're really going to test and review their products.

Get yourself a media kit. I've only just recently created a media kit for my blog and I'm kind of proud for doing so because it turned out pretty good. It's also given me the opportunity to work with a few brands already because it boosted my chances of getting my blog out there without it looking unprofessional.

Be honest. Brands know that when you're a blogger you will want to get products for free to review them. So if you've tested a product but you don't like it or, let's say your skin didn't like that new face cream, note that in your review. It's important for brands to get an honest feedback to their products.

You don't always have to say yes. If the offers of a collaboration with a brand land in your inbox without you having sent them an email, but you don't really know how to fit the product into your blog, don't feel pressured to say yes to them just because they asked you for a collaboration. There are lots of other bloggers out there they can reach out to so don't feel bad if you say no to them.

Prepare an email before you actually send it. I've created a Word document with a general email that I can use to contact brands without having to change any names, just the email address. It's a lot less work because you don't have to think of the right words every time you want to reach out to another brand.

These are my most essential tips to consider when wanting to work with a brand! :) I hope you can use any of them and good luck with reaching out to brands you want to work with! x

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