Sunday, 2 October 2016

Travel Diary - Inverness & Edinburgh

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Travelling has been my favourite thing to do ever since I went to Rome in 2012, which was also the first time I left Germany for a little longer and without my family.
Last month, our school class went on our final class trip before our A-level exams and I was quite excited about the fact that I would get the chance to travel to Scotland!

Above you can see a little set of photos that I really liked when going through my camera storage because, let me tell you, there are loads of photos from Scotland because firstly, the country is beautiful, and secondly, I just love taking photos because they caputre moments and memories to remember.

Anyways, we went to Inverness first and stayed in the YHA Hostel for two nights and then went on with the bus to Edinburgh, where we stayed in the Tune Hotel - Haymarket, which was by far the best hotel - for younger people - I've ever stayed in! I even had the chance to watch some British TV in the evening and that basically made my whole week!
Edinburgh just excited me so much that I really think about going back anytime soon, and for a little longer as well! It's just a beautiful and intersting city that you just have to come back for more!

Overall, it was a great experience although our bus broke down on the way back home... haha We had lots of fun and experienced a completely new part of another country which I'm very thankful for because otherwise, I think I would have never had the chance to actually travel to Scotland.
Plus, Superdrug and Boots have become my favourite places to shop for beauty and makeup bits!!

Have you ever been to Scotland before? Let me know what to do in Edinburgh so I can look forward to visiting the next time!

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