Sunday, 6 November 2016

ByTerry Rouge-Expert Click Stick

I'm normally a little less talkative about PR samples and things that kindly have been sent to me, but when this arrived a few weeks ago, I was more than happy!! It's my first ever ByTerry product and I'm very very thankful for it! :)

It's the Rouge-Expert Click Stick in the shade 24 Orchid Alert*, and it's a gorgeous purple shade with a hint of a berry undertone to it. I'm literally the worst at describing shades and colour so bare with me and just have a look yourself in the photos above... haha :P

The consistency of this is the smoothest in a lipstick I've ever tried! It's so easy and quick to apply that even I, as still a newbie when it comes to lipstick application, am able to apply this without smudging! And that means something!

Overall, I'm more than satisfied with this lovely product; it has become my go to shade ever since I got it and started using it! Really really recommend this! :)

Have you tried any of the Rouge-Expert Click Sticks? x

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