Saturday, 31 December 2016

Brand Focus: Essence

There are lots of different beauty brands out there and it's actually quite hard to find the one for you, in my opinion. When I began to actually use makeup, Essence was my number one brand on the high street! The shelves always looked so pretty and inviting and I really had tons of their products!
However, the products in the photo above are almost all the products I own from Essence these days, and as you can tell, there aren't that many!

Essence is one of the cheaper high street brands and packaging-wise they're pretty much designed for younger girls, just starting out with makeup, in my opinion! I do like their products, but I wouldn't necessarily say that they're my favourite.

The products I like the most from Essence are definitely their lipsticks/lip oils. They last very well and have a great colour pay-off, so you really can't go wrong with purchasing one of those!

For their face and eye products, I only like the All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder and the Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara. I've tried quite a few foundations, concealers, etc. but I was never really satisfied with those.

Both the Get Picture Ready Eyeshadow Palette and the Get Picture Ready Contour Palette still need to be tried out a bit more but so far I really like them as well!

Essence also do perfumes but most of them smell quite sweet and almost a bit overpowering but I assume that younger girls do really like those scents! I'm now at the age of liking more feminine and adult perfumes like Black Opium or Ma Vie, if that makes any sense, ha!

The products I like the least are definitely their nail varnishes! I don't know if it's my lacking skills in keeping the colour on my nails or if it's just the nail varnish in general, but they don't really satisfy me at all! Other nail products, like top and base coats for example, are great and they're definitely the ones I'm reaching for the most!

As you can tell, Essence is definitely a brand worth trying, either when you're just starting out with makeup or when you're looking for some cheap but basic and still good beauty products.

What do you think about Essence? Have you tried anything from them yet? x


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