Wednesday, 14 December 2016

🎅 Christmas Gift Guide For Him - BLOGMAS DAY 14 🎅

"There has been only one Christmas - the rest are anniversaries." 
- W. J. Cameron

Another gift guide, whoop! A few days ago, I already posted something like this for all the boys or best friends out there, looking for the perfect present for their girl(s)! Today, I'm going to present to you my gift guide for all the girls and girlfriends out there, looking for something to give to their man on the special day of Christmas!

Yes, some men may like to be given clothes for Christmas or any other special occasions during the year. Just make sure it's his size and style and don't buy him a new pack of socks... Just, don't.

I don't know what it is with men and shoes lately but I feel like, especially my boyfriend, has fallen in love with shoes and has developed a new passion for them. So if there's a special man in your life, loving shoes just as much, get him a pair of his favourite sneakers for Christmas!

I think a watch is always a good present for a men. They're classy, elegant and chic most of the time and they make any outfit look way better, in my opinion!

Hats, belts, wallets, sunglasses, phone cases... There are loads of accessories for men as well! Have a little look at that section of the shop and maybe you find your last minute Christmas present!

Technological stuff
New headphones, a game for his Xbox or whatever technological stuff there is to give him for Christmas that he could need. Or he likes photography so you can get him a little tripod-remote control-ring light-starter-kit, which was my first gift idea but I already changed it about three times soo.. haha

Grooming sets
This may seem so stereotypical but it's just as popular to be given a grooming kit as a man as it is for women to receive makeup or other beauty products, I believe. So why not give him a new all-in-one set with some moisturisers, a bag for his razor and maybe even a completely new razor as well?!

I once again realised that I'm definitely not the best when it comes to gift guides, but I did my very best and hope you liked it! :)

🎄Would you add anything else to this list?🎄


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