Monday, 26 December 2016

Favourite Bloggers & YouTubers

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It's been quite a while, I think, since I have done a post about my favourite Bloggers and YouTubers, so I thought it's just about the right time to update you all on who are my favourites and whose videos and/or blogs I like to have a look at the most!

Victoria is just one of the nicest and loveliest people ever! Her videos and her blog posts are definitely a thing I'm looking forward to every single week because they inspire me a lot and always motivate me to keep blogging!

Jasmine Talks Beauty
Jasmine's posts are amazing! Along with great and useful texts, the photos she's putting in her posts are gorgeous! I wish I was as good at photography as her... *sigh* But seriously, you should go check out her blog! You won't regret it for sure!

Very Berry Cosmo
Another great blog with lovely images, great content and an author that I would love to meet in person and have a nice chat with! haha
Like seriously, every blogger out there always seems so nice and lovely, I really just want to meet all of you!

Not much of a surprise, eh? Well, what can I say? I've been following Zoe for about five years now I believe and I never get bored of her videos or her blog posts! Like I already mentioned probably a million times on this blog, Zoe is the one who inspired me to start the whole blogging thing in the first place! It may sound a little exaggerated but I'm so glad that I discovered her on YouTube and I definitely don't know what I would do without her as a person and her videos!

Lauren Curtis
She's just the cutest person ever! I love her videos, her dog is just too cute and her makeup looks are always on point! There's actually nothing more I can add to that! Just have a look yourself!

Mrs Bella
She's a German YouTuber and I was actually quite sad when I didn't meet her at the GLOW in Berlin at the beginning of this month because to me, she's my 'German version' of Zoella. Not because of her videos or anything, but because of how she's inspired me with her videos and her online personality. Just a lovely young woman, making great videos!

Mark Ferris
I've actually been watching Mark's videos since before he became friends with Zoe and I was even more excited when I noticed that they were becoming such great friends! His videos are just my favourite and every time he's with Zoe, my week is made!

Manny MUA
In all honesty, the thought of guys doing makeup was a bit weird to me at first. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything against that at all, but it was just a little weird to me. Now, however, it's one of my most favourite things to watch! Manny, for example, is just such a great guy and his makeup looks are on fleek every single time! Like, I would actually do a lot - not everything, but a lot - to be able to do my makeup like him! Definitely go check out his channel!

Who are you favourite Bloggers and YouTubers? x


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