Friday, 30 December 2016

Hand Cream Favourites

I've been working almost every day for the past one and a half weeks and my hands do look like crap after that! That's why I thought I would share two of my favourite hand creams with you that will make your hands soft and gentle once again!

The first one is the Crema Mani Seta* which I already mentioned on my blog a couple of times before. It smells incredible, almost like clean laundry or something, and the pump this come with is so useful as well!
I always pump this twice into my hand and just rub it in. This cream sinks in very quickly and leaves your hands feeling incredibly soft! Really love it!
The only disadvantage about this, though, is the bottle the cream comes in. It's quite heavy itself and you can't really tell when you'll run out of the product, so it's a little surprise how long this is actually going to last for!

The second one is the Sante Happiness Hand Cream. This smells exactly like orange flavoured chocolate and I love it sooo much! I instantly fell in love after using it for the first time! Again, this sinks into the skin very quickly, smells freaking amazing and leaves you with incredibly soft paws! This hand cream also comes in a very well sized tube which is perfect for throwing in your handbag!

Which hand creams do you enjoy using? x


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