Saturday, 10 December 2016

🎅 How To Find The Perfect Present - BLOGMAS DAY 10 🎅

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together." 
- Alexander Smith

Especially for students and younger people around my age I think it's a lot more difficult to actually find a great present for someone that you can also afford! I've had a job for about three months now to earn some money and save it for my move to Berlin next year. Of course, I also bought some Christmas presents with that money, but all of them were really inexpensive so they would fit into my budget.
The best presents, however, are the ones that are self made. It's also good to know what kind of hobbies the person you need a present for has. If there's a beauty blogger to buy a present for I think it's a lot easier than getting something for a music lover, in my opinion.

You may as well just want to google 'presents under €50, €20, etc...' and there will be lots of websites which suggest you different kinds of presents for every occasion, gender, etc.
Naming just one of those websites here because I only ever ordered from such a website once before and it was such an amazing present but there's also a lot of.. weird stuff on there that you will probably never have thought about giving to someone on Christmas!

Gift cards are also great when you're on a budget actually! They're not personal at all, though, you can make the overall present, like, a €25 gift card and a little present worth €25. That way you can almost be sure the person you're giving this to will be happy with the present you gave them and will also be able to buy something for him- or herself!

Down below, I've listed down a few websites that I like to browse for presents...
🎄I hope you will find or have already found great presents for you loved ones! If not, remember that DIY presents are way more personal and special!🎄

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