Thursday, 1 December 2016

πŸŽ… My Advent Calendar - BLOGMAS DAY 1 πŸŽ…

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." 
- Roy L. Smith

Welcome to BLOGMAS DAY 1 here on Lilies Beauty! :) I'm so excited for you all to read the posts for the upcoming twenty four days until it's finally Christmas! I don't know why but I have the feeling that Christmas and New Year's Eve are going to be extra great and amazing this year!

As you can read by the title, I'm going to talk to you about my advent calendar today, which is probably the most plain and simple one you can get, besides the chocolate ones. My mum got me this advent calendar with twenty four different tea flavours a few weeks ago because I didn't find any other calendar that I liked but she wanted me to have one so she bought me it! :P

I didn't want to ruin the surprise for me so I didn't open any doors for you to show what's inside and because I think tea bags are not really that interesting, are they? I can update you on the flavours that were inside on the 24th of this month and let you know how I liked them!

On the back of it, there's already a list, though, that tells you which flavours are inside (e.g. the standards like chamomile, rosehip or peppermint) and they all sound amazing! Most of them I've already tried before of course and I love them all! I'm a tea lover, so of course I like all of the flavours included!

Sadly, I don't have any beauty advent calendars this year because most of them are flippin' expensive and I'm only a poor student... haha

πŸŽ„Which advent calendar(s) do you have this year and what was the surprise for day one?πŸŽ„

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