Sunday, 18 December 2016

🎅 Outfit Ideas For Christmas Day - BLOGMAS DAY 18 🎅

"At Christmas, all roads lead home." 
- Marjorie Holmes

Everyone spends their Christmas Day a little differently. Some stay at home with their family, others may go out for dinner or something. So because of all these different things you could do on that special day, I created a little collage with Polyvore to show you some outfit ideas that I really like and that I would personally wear, if I would actually do something interesting on Christmas Day, but I'm not haha!

Starting off with something casual for when you're staying at home, I chose a cute Christmas jumper with some black tights and maybe a pair of fluffy socks. Such a casual but still very Christmassy outfit! When you're going to go out with such an outfit, you can easily combine this with a pair of black flats, just to keep it simple but still a little chic.

Something a little more chic and less casual: a cosy cream coloured knit jumper, combined with a simple red skirt (black tights) and either a pair of black flats or a pair of cream coloured ankle booties. It's quite simple yet a great outfit for going out for dinner with your family or some friends!

The next outfit is definitely a lot more chic. It's a burgundy coloured dress and I combined it with a pair or rosegold heels and a black handbag. Love it a lot!

The last outfit, is a red lacey dress combined with white-golden heels and a cream coloured handbag.

Jewellery can of course be added as well, maybe some lovely earrings or necklaces to add a little more sparkle to your outfit!

🎄Have you already got your outfit planned for Christmas Day?🎄


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