Tuesday, 6 December 2016

🎅 The Perfect Cosy Night In - BLOGMAS DAY 6 🎅

"The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school." 
- Alice Cooper

It's soo cold at the moment and I'm thankful for every single moment spent in my warm and comfy bed, all snuggled up with my kitty, a cup of tea and my new favourite series on Netflix: Breaking Bad. Like, holy moly, it's amaaazing!!
But now, back to the actual topic of today's Blogmas post! As much as I like blogging, social media, etc. I do need the one or other night off, away from all those websites but Netflix and just chill. I'd actually rather have a chilled evening every day than go out partying. That's just how I am! :P

To make a night in 'perfect' to me, I always start off by taking off my makeup if I wore any that day and give my skin a good nourishing cleanse! Lately, I've been using the Wunderfrollein Skincare Glow Set* and I've never been amazed this quickly by a skincare series before! In the evening, I use the cleansing foam, the serum, the eye cream and the face cream for the night all in that order and after I'm done, my skin feels like heaven! It's soft, smells great and just feels incredible! I will post another full review on all of the products soon!

I know I said that sometimes I just need some time off from blogging and everything, but sometimes I do like to snuggle up in bed and just plan heaps of new things for my blog! Especially during this time of year, I love to plan stuff for the new year and I'm already so excited so share all those new and exciting things with you!

Candles, chocolate and a cup of tea are of course essentials for the perfect cosy night in for me! For tea, I really like the amapodo teas lately, which there will be a whole post about in just a few days time!
And last but least, I had to mention my all time favourite hand cream! The Seta Crema Mani*, which smells incredible and leaves your hands soft and moisturised! Looove it!

🎄How do you spend your perfect cosy night in?🎄


*In collaboration with Blogger Club DE
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