Sunday, 15 January 2017

Beauty Table Organisation

You know I like everything to be as organised as possible, especially when it comes to my makeup and beauty stuff! Last year, I already posted a few snippets from my beauty table (here) and I really liked how it turned out; I still like it actually! However, I got so many more beauty and makeup products over that period of time, that I thought I would share how I organise everything with you today!

Acrylic drawers
Mine are from Amazon and cost about €18 each, which is a fair price seeing that they hold most of my makeup and make everything look a bit more organised.
There are many other shapes, sizes, colours, etc. of these drawers and I highly recommend these to everyone looking for a storage system to go on their beauty table!

Plant pots and candle holders
Ikea is my number one website/shop when it comes to plant pots and candle holders. I'm sure everyone knows the SKURAR candle holders; as you can tell they're great for storing smaller makeup brushes!
I also have the SKURAR plant pot, which I use for taller brushes. Not do they only look cute, they also save a lot of space and are great for storing any kind of brushes!

Trays and plates
The home sections in H&M and Primark are great for finding cute trays and plates, and lots of other decor as well! I use a marble tray from H&M for all of my fragrances and perfumes and I think it looks really pretty!

I also have a few little cacti on my table, a few candles and a mirror of course to try and make it look even prettier! Lots of inspiration comes from other Bloggers and Pinterest, so if you want to decorate and organise your beauty table but don't know how, I really recommend you to have a look at Pinterest! I'm actually quite satisfied with how my beauty table looks at the moment!

How are you organising your beauty and makeup stuff? x


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