Friday, 13 January 2017

Moving Out - A Checklist

Some of you may or may not know about my plans of moving back to Berlin this summer, so I thought I would share a little checklist with you that I'm currently keeping in mind for my move!

There are so many things to remember before moving out, it's actually insane! I don't know if I'm just being a bit too organised again and stressing myself out over nothing, or if it's really that much to keep an eye on! Anyway, you definitely have to make sure to get all the organisation bits done two to three months before the move.
The very first thing, however, is finding a flat, obviously. That should be done a lot earlier! I'm currently looking for an affordable little flat in Berlin and I really hope to find one soon!

After making sure you got the flat, you will want to start planning your move in detail. I actually downloaded a few useful lists myself to see what important bits I can already tick off maybe. You know me, I like to organise most things earlier than necessary so of course I'm already starting to plan and organise my move!
Things like hiring a company to do everything for you or asking your family for help, setting a date for your move and creating a folder for all the papers you will need are just a few of the things I'm already having a look at. These are also the points you should have a closer look at when beginning to plan!

Down below, I've collected a few links of other, more helpful checklists that are also printable and ready to tick off, in case you need one! I will definitely print one out myself and hang it upon my desk, so I'll be remembered to keep things in mind.

Are you planning a move anytime soon? x


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