Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Things In 2017

In one of my recent posts, which you can read here, I mentioned that I made some changes regarding the posting schedule on my blog, etc. Today is the day where I want to explain to you in detail which small changes I made to Lilies Beauty or which changes I still want to make!

Posting Schedule
You may or may not have already noticed that there will be a new post almost every day of the week. The time, 9:00 in the morning, will stay the same but I changed the days to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Just because it was so much fun doing Blogmas that I really wanted to at least try and post almost daily!

This is something my blog needs the biggest change in, in my opinion! In some of my posts, I use free stock images because I can't seem to create good and content-fitting images. I changed that in most of my recent posts, though, and really want to keep that. Photography is definitely my most favourite part of having a blog and I want to improve my skills this year!

Social Media
I'm now member of quite a few different Instagram and Facebook groups to increase my social media presence and interaction. I feel like I haven't really talked to other bloggers in the past months so I thought I'll give it a try and make sure to spread all the love and joy I have and support my blogger friends out there! 

Numbers & Figures
This is the second to last change I want to make to my blog but it's more of a personal goal, I think. I don't want to give a damn about all those numbers, stats, followers, etc. anymore and just concentrate on what I like to write about and what I want to post on my blog. Sometimes I did publish a post and thought it was quite good but then I only got like two comments and was quite disappointed and thought I didn't do any good with that one. Now, however, I don't really care anymore because if I like a post, I like it and publish it. It's that easy!

Try Something New
Lilies Beauty is, as the name already says, a beauty blog with occasional lifestyle posts in-between. However, I really want to try and create more fashion posts this year. I hope it's going to work as I would love to also blog about fashion related things!

Do you think about making some changes to your blog/website? x


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