Monday, 9 January 2017

PUPA Milano Vamp! Compact Duo Review

Happy Monday everyone! :) It's my first day back at school today and also the start of my last two months of school ever! It feels so weird writing that... I can't believe it's been 13 years since I started going to school!
But now on to the actual topic of today's post! It's going to be a little review on the PUPA Milano Vamp! Compact Eyeshadow Duo* in the shade 005 Milk Chocolate!
It has two gorgeous shades; a light pink one with a bit of shimmer in it and a dark purple one which is matte.

Combined, these two eyeshadows make a perfect everyday eye makeup look! They're easy to blend and they're so pigmented as well! I will for sure use this compact duo in one of my upcoming makeup looks!
Also, these are great for travelling as well, in my opinion. Two pretty shades in a tiny palette that doesn't take up too much space in your makeup bag!

I've also just found out that there are many more of these compact duos from PUPA Milano and I will definitely check out their website! Maybe I'll even place a cheeky little order on there...

How do you like this compact duo? x


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