Monday, 27 February 2017

At-Home Workout Routine

You know I'm not the most motivated person when it comes to working out. A few months ago, I decided just go for it and put together a little at-home workout routine!

The Preparation
For warming up, I do some of the Blogilates 30 Days Challenge exercises for arms, abs, my bum and my thighs! These are not only great for every part of the body, they're also really fun to do and I can already see a difference! So happy about that!

The Workout
From the app Freeletics, I do one or two workouts, like NYX, which is definitely my favourite out of all of them!

The Relaxation
After my mini workout, I mostly just drink some water, have a shower and then relax to some music and a face mask. I always feel so much better, knowing I've finally done a bit for my health and my body, ha!

It's definitely not much but I feel a lot better ever since I came up with this little routine! :) I haven't really been up to much exercises lately, though, because school is REALLY exhausting but I'm always doing my very best to continue this at home!

How are you working out? x


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