Saturday, 25 February 2017

February Favourites

It's favourites time once again! Can't believe that another month is already over! Time flies! I also don't have as many favourites as I normally have but the ones I have this month are SO good! I absolutely love all of them!

First up, I want to talk about my beloved YSL Black Opium, which my boyfriend got me for my birthday! It smells incredible and it's basically become my signature scent by now, ha! There will be another post on it very soon!

The second one of my favourites is the Jessup 137 Tapered Highlighter Brush*! It reminds me a lot of the Morphe Highlighter Brushes and that's why I started using it in the first place; I wanted to know how different it is when applying a highlighter with a tapered brush. And I know now that it's amazing! Really love this brush!

Next up, there's the Samaya Ayurveda Facial Oil from the Pitta Range* that I've already talked about in my latest skincare post! The smell is definitely not my favourite but the effect it has on my skin is incredible!

As for makeup, I only had one favourite during February and it is the Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Metal Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow in 030 Daily Dose of Rose. It's such a pretty colour and so easy to just apply to the lid, blend it and voilà, you have an eye makeup that looks beautiful and doesn't take much time to do!

Another scent that I've been loving is the Hollister Crescent Bay Bodymist! It smells SO good and I'm really glad I purchased this last month!

The moisturiser I've been using and loving lately is the NUXE Crème Prodigieuse from The Essentials Set. Sadly, this little tube is almost empty and I'm really debating whether I should spend another amount of money on a skincare product or not...

Last but definitely not least, I want to mention the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Facial Wipes, which I've been using for a while now and every time I use one of these to take my makeup off, I'm once again so surprised how well these work, especially with waterproof makeup! They're also great for sensitive skin as they're not too harsh in ingredients! Highly recommending these!

What are your February favourites? x


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