Saturday, 11 February 2017

Makeup Brush Collection

Today, I have another post about some bits from my beauty collection. This time it's all about my makeup brushes! I already talked about how I store them in my recent Beauty Table Organisation post, but just so you all know, I keep all my brushes in the SKURAR plant pots and candle holders from Ikea.

My 'main brushes' are from the BH Cosmetics Rosegold Brush Set, which I purchased a few years ago and they're still going strong and I still love them the most!

In the second container, I keep all my Jessup Brushes*, which is an incredible set of 12 brushes, ranging from a big fluffy powder brush to a tiny lip brush!

In the third container, I keep a few Zoeva brushes, some Real Techniques ones and some high-street ones! My faves are the Ebelin brushes from DM.

How do you store your brushes and which ones are your favourite? x


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