Monday, 13 February 2017

πŸ’• The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Night πŸ’•

I've been so excited to write and publish this post, eeek! This is also a collaboration with Adore Me and Au Rate New York! Both such amazing lingerie and jewellery websites that you should definitely go and have a look at!

In this post, I'm basically just going to talk about how Valentine's Day would be perfect for me! In real life, my boyfriend and I are - hopefully - going to go to see Fifty Shades Darker, have dinner afterwards and then we'll see how the evening will continue... hehe
Of course that's more than perfect, but if I was able to plan Valentine's Day the way I wanted to, I would do it this way...

Preparation first. I would make a list and see what there is to do on Valentine's Day that my boyfriend would also like: activity wise, lingerie wise and of course outfit wise. Don't want to disappoint him that night, do we? That's when the website of Adore Me gets really interesting. Their lingerie sets are stunningly gorgeous!
Of course, I'd go for a red set for Valentine's Day because that's just the colour of love, passion, lust. Perfect for that special day, isn't it?

For my outfit, I would choose a red lace dress, a thick coat as it's still cold outside, simple black heels and a matching clutch.
Beauty and fragrance wise, it was quite easy to pick something. Red nails, red lips, false lashes and romantic curls. And of course Black Opium!
For jewellery, I'd go for some pearl studs, a pearl bracelet and a delicate gold necklace, like this one from Au Rate New York!
These tiny details just add a little something to the whole look, and with that stunning lingerie set underneath, you know your night is going to turn out just perfect!

Valentine's Day is honestly my most favourite day of the year, now that I have the most amazing boyfriend ever! πŸ’•
A cinema-dinner-date is actually a great idea for that day, but if there was a beach near where we live, you know I would definitely set up a little picnic for us at the beach, with roses, candles, music... All that corny stuff you see in films basically.

Even if we agreed on "no presents" this year, I have a little something for him. It's not the ultimate present, but it's quite special to me and I really hope he's going to like it!

How are you planning to spend your Valentine's Day? x


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