Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lernberger Stafsing Haircare

When it comes to haircare products I normally just stay with the ones I know best. Especially because my hair is quite damaged, dry and without any volume at the moment, which is quite annoying but nothing a good shampoo and conditioner can't fix!

So to test out something new and step a bit outside my comfort zone of haircare products, I got the Lernberger Stafsing Fiber Mousse*, the matching Blowdry Lotion* and both the Shampoo* and Conditioner for Dry Hair*.

Let's start with the products that haven't satisfied me that much. As I was saying on my Instagram post about the styling products - the Fibre Mousse and the Blowdry Lotion - from Lernberger Stafsing, I didn't like them very much when I used them for the first time, so I thought I should definitely give them a few more tries before stating an opinion on them.
But I just don't like them.
They make my hair look flat and dull and it makes my hair really electrified, which I absolutely hate!
Maybe these are just not right for my kind of hair or I used too much or too little or whatsoever but as far as I've used these, I can't really say I like them.

But now on to the products that have really blown me away in comparison to the styling products! The Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair not only smell incredibly good, they are also great for my hair in its current state! This combination makes my hair look so healthy and shiny and after using my beloved Guhl Blowdry Lotion, my hair also looks voluminous as well, which I love!

Overall I'd say that the shampoo and the conditioner are definitely worth trying, whereas the styling products I'm not so sure with. Maybe it's just the state my hair is in right now or the amount I've used but so far I wouldn't recommend them.

How do you like the sound of these? Would you like to try them yourself? x


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