Saturday, 22 April 2017

Orange Blue Cosmetics Body Lotions

Body lotions. Moisturising my body using this kind of skincare products is one of the many things I know I should do after taking a shower but I always forget about. I like using the Zoella Beauty body lotion because it smells incredible and makes my skin so soft and smooth!
My range of skincare products recently got bigger, now including the four body lotions from Orange Blue Cosmetics!

There are four in total, ranging from a lotion for sensitive skin to a one with an anti-ageing effect. All of these are said to be fast absorbing, which I can happily confirm, and promise first noticeable effects after a few weeks of continuous application.

I always connect the task of the body lotions with their colours:

Brown: Sensitive Skin with Almond Oil*
Orange: Triplex Anti-Ageing Effect with Coenzyme Q10, Caffeine and Argan Oil*
Green: Skin Refining with Aloe Vera Extract* (Using this everytime I've shaved my legs - so soothing on the skin!)
Blue: Skin Softening with Shea Butter*

These colours really make it easier for me to quickly spot and use the lotion I want to use, e.g. after a shower or before going to bed. The bottles the lotions come in all contain 400 ml of the product, which is a lot compared to the body lotions I've had before, so you'll be sure to use this for a while!

My absolute favourite, even though they're all lovely body lotions with an amazing smell, is by far the blue Skin Softening Lotion with Shea Butter! My skin has never been this soft and I will definitely continue to use this every evening before putting on my pyjamas!

You may or may not have already guessed it but after I had received this lovely set of lotions, I passed the orange Triplex Anti-Ageing Effect Lotion on to my mum and she's also very satisfied with that one! She's not seeing any results (yet) but she loves how soft the lotion makes her skin feel and how good it smells too! Just thought I'd throw in a little review from my mum here as well! :)

Overall, I'm very satisfied with these skincare products and if you want to have a look yourself you can check out the Orange Blue Cosmetics website right here! They also have a few other skincare bits on sale, which I will talk about in another post very soon!

What do you think about these body lotions? Do maybe even think about getting one yourself? x


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