Monday, 10 April 2017

pure peeling pads

The box from the Blogger Club DE has had some amazing bits and pieces in it this month! Along with the other products, I also got the pure peeling pads*, which were up there with the bits I was looking forward to trying and testing out for you!

These are normal cotton pads, drenched in a skin cleansing liquid and covered in tiny orange peeling bits. They also smell very nice, which I was pleasantly surprised about because I thought peeling pads like these would have a strong ‘skincare product smell’. Turns out, they smell quite fresh and a bit fruity, in my opinion, but I can’t really make out what fruit they smell like…

As I have a weird combination of normal and somewhat sensitive skin, I thought the tiny peeling bits wouldn’t be good for my skin at all. But, to my surprise, my skin actually ‘likes’ these pads! My constantly red nose due to my Rosacea is a lot less red since I’ve been using these and I’m really happy about that! Of course, it’s not gone completely, that would be the most amazing thing ever, but I’m quite satisfied with how it looks at the moment!

I already talked about another pure skincare product in my Skincare Tips for All Skin Types post and I really liked the face cream as well!

Have you tried anything from pure yet? And how do you like the sound of these pads? x


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