Saturday, 29 April 2017

SLA Paris Skin Primer

It's finally Saturday, yay! 
Yesterday, I had my last written a-levels exam, which was English, and I think I did really well actually. There's only the oral exam left now, which I'll be taking in economics and I'm really nervous! Two weeks left until that one and I will never have to go to school because of my a-levels again, eek! This is really exciting, yet a bit nerve-wracking, knowing that I'll then be thrown into the adult life, going to work, paying the rent etc. 

Anyway! I actually want to talk about my new favourite primer today, which is the SLA Paris Skin Primer*. I rarely used primers before owning this one because I never found one that really blew me away. There was a time when I really liked the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Minimizer but that ended long ago! 

Here, I have the white version of the skin primer, but on the website SLA Paris, they have a pink, a green and an orange one as well.

This primer almost looks like a normal moisturiser when applied to the skin - I always give it half a pump onto the back of my hand and then dot it all over my face, focusing on my t-zone. On my hand, it does look like my everyday facial cream, but on my face, it eventually does its magic!

It instantly blurs fine lines and little imperfections or spots on the skin and leaves you with a very soft, silky and even base to work with! But because I do have quite large pores, it didn't blur or even out many of them, which I can work with by now as I've just got used to having those big pores on my face!

The smell of this primer isn't very strong at all. It smells very fresh and clean (see what I did there, eh?) and makes the application even more comfortable. 

Although it's a bit sticky when first applied, it really sinks into the skin after a few minutes. Not too much because then it wouldn't make sense applying it in the first place, duh, but just enough to start applying makeup on top. 

When applied, the primer also gives a very healthy glow to the face, which isn't covered by a foundation on top whatsoever.

I tried this primer for the first time together with my new Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shade 100, because I wanted a) to see if the foundation shade is the right one for me and b) to test out how the primer works underneath a foundation that I'd be wearing all day long!

Surprisingly, the primer worked perfectly fine underneath the foundation! And the shade is perfect for my skin tone as well, just saying.

The primer made it really comfortable wearing the foundation all day long. Normally, I'd just take off my makeup in the afternoon because I just can't stand the feeling of it on my face anymore. Like I said with the primer, it was so much more comfortable as it also made the foundation feel a lot more lightweight and soft on the skin.

My t-zone still gets a bit oily throughout the day when I'm wearing this primer but I don't really mind. I've never really minded a shiny t-zone, to be honest! So that wasn't a big thing I had a look at when trying this out.

Overall, I'd say that this primer is definitely a very good one, which you can almost expect from a makeup product that retails at €29.99, in my opinion!

What do you think about the SLA Paris Skin Primer? Do you like the sound of it or nah? x


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