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Creating a Beautiful Scandinavian Interior - Guest Post by Tracey Clayton

Scandinavian design is undoubtedly one of the most popular interior decoration trends. Its minimalism and the use of natural materials makes it suitable for both residential and public spaces. Designers all over the world are trying to recreate ingenious design solutions coming from the far north of Europe. Still, one question remains – what is the essence of Scandinavian-style interiors? Let’s try and answer it.

A Reign of Metal
Scandinavians love their metal. The region is home to the greatest number of metal bands per capita. The fearsome Vikings once spread horror along the northern shores using, well – metal. And today, metallic accents and ornaments are the trademark of Scandinavian design. Ball-shaped copper lights, for example, are trending in Scandinavia this year, used both as chandeliers and table lamps. What is more, they can be combined with copper and brass door handles, as well as similarly-coloured picture frames.

Less is more
Proverbial minimalism is a trait of the Nordic people. Their cultural pragmatism leaves little understanding for things that have no practical use. Minimalism is one of the tenets of Scandinavian style and it derives from their way of life. Smaller homes have always been easier to warm. In turn, by using cold colours and a lot of free space, you could make your living space appear much larger than it is. In order for this trick to work, all accessories in the room need to be simple both in shape and texture

Wall colours
When it comes to interior decoration, Scandinavian patriotism never falls short. This people has always loved to include the colours of their peninsula’s craggy shores, glacier-topped mountains and virgin snows in their design. In the words of a decorator, they translate as soft greys, light blues and milky whites. If painting the whole house is above your re-decorating budget, you can resort to accent painting, an increasingly popular trend in the last few years. For example, you paint only one wall into flint grey and leave the remaining walls snow white.

Mythic furniture
Every piece of Scandinavian furniture is a work of art that you can pass onto your grand kids, as it will probably last forever. Scandinavian manufacturers pay great attention to detail and the smooth curves and lines transform simplistic into elegant. The simplicity of the furniture is not only intended to unburden the eyes, but also to increase its functionality. It allows for an immaculate arrangement of individual pieces without taking up too much space. Although Nordic decor is recognized by its modernist pieces, it’s a common misconception that it leaves no room for antiques. On the contrary, antique items that have simple and regular shapes are more than welcome. 

A flooring smorgasbord
While no one can challenge the practicality of the wall-to-wall carpet, hardwood or tiled floors are the hallmark of Scandinavian design. These two flooring options have the advantage of being as beautiful as they are easy to maintain. Hardwood floors provide for an abundance of styles, while tiles allow for more customization. A popular option is to arrange the tiles in a geometric shape that can give the room a completely new look. Since both hardwood and tiles are cold for bare feet, throw in a flat weave runner rug for a final touch.

Monochrome accessories
You can have lots of accessories or only a handful of them, but the same rule applies – keep the colours to a minimum. And that’s just how it is. The true acolytes of Scandinavian style, however, would choose a small number of carefully selected accessories and place them somewhere they can achieve a ‘less is best’ effect. One piece of art is more than enough for one wall, accompanied by a modest cloud grey lamp or vase that brings a bit of warmth into the room. 
Mastering Nordic design isn’t that difficult. Once you grasp the basics of minimalism and start thinking as a Scandinavian, the whole decoration process becomes a rewarding arbejdsglæde.

Author Bio:
Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion, home decor and healthy living.  Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” 
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