Friday, 12 May 2017

MAC Lipstick 'Sin'

💮 Happy Friday! 💮

It's such a lovely day today, isn't it? I'm so glad the weather has become more like actual Spring recently - it makes me so happy and puts me in such a good mood!

In today's blog post I want to talk to you about another MAC lipstick of mine, which is the shade 'Sin'. My boyfriend got me this shade for my birthday in January - well, actually I picked the shade and he paid for it... :P
I recently talked about the shade 'Whirl' in a separate post here on the blog, if you want to go check that out first!
But I basically talked about everything from texture, to how long it lasts, to price and where to get it. I hope I won't repeat myself that much in this post because these are the exact same lipsticks, just in different shades! However, I wanted to do a single post on 'Sin' because the shade is just freaking gorgeous!

Which now leads me to the actual review of the lipstick! 'Sin' is a dark red-purple-berry toned shade, which is just perfect for Autumn and Winter. I love wearing this all year around, though, it looks better during those seasons!

For this lipstick, I sadly don't have a matching lipliner which makes the application a lot more difficult. During the day it also tends to smudge a bit but it's nothing a cotton bud can't fix!

As for everything else, it's identical to 'Whirl'. This shade is also one of the matte finishes, which are my favourite at the moment.
Swatched on the back of my hand, this shade looks very similar to 128 'Starry Eyed' from Rimmel, which surprised me a lot!

Well, this seems to be a shorter post than usual but I already talked about everything in that other post! haha :P

How do you like 'Sin'? x


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