Friday, 5 May 2017

Maybelline Super Stay 24H Foundation

There are quite a few reviews here on the blog recently, eh? But there are so many great products out there at the moment that I just have to show you guys and see what you think about them!

Today I want to review the Maybelline Super Stay 24H Foundation in the shade 003 True Ivory. I got this a few weeks ago at Müller - I actually wanted to get my hands on the L'Oreal True Match Foundation, hoping that they'd finally have my shade but they didn't so I got this one instead!
My cousin Yasmin told me that this foundation is a good one as well so I trusted her knowledge and purchased it! I'm currently trying to restock my makeup collection anyway so every new piece of makeup that has been recommended to me will find a new place in my collection!

Let's talk about the packaging first because that's the thing that caught my eye when I used the foundation for the first time.
The pump and the clear cap on the pump are made of plastic, which is typical for most drugstore foundations. However, this pump and the cap both feel like the cheapest material ever! I'm always a bit scared that when I take off the cap, the pump will just break off as well!

The good thing about this foundation, though, is the product itself, which is definitely more important than the packaging, isn't it?
The foundation has a light to medium coverage and is best to apply with a damp beauty sponge. I always use one pump on my each of my cheeks, one on my forehead and one on both my nose and my chin - that way I find it the easiest to blend with a sponge and it looks the most natural. The shade I picked up is also great for my skin tone at the moment which makes it look even better!

The finish of the Maybelline Super Stay Foundation looks quite natural as well as it's not too glowy but not too matte either - it's a good mixture of both. On the skin, it doesn't feel like makeup either. It's very lightweight and looks just like my skin; when applied properly!

I can't confirm that this foundation stays on your face for twenty-four hours, though. It lasted me well throughout the day but after seven to eight hours it started to come off in a few areas on my face. It also started to crease around my nose and around the corners of my mouth, which I normally just hate, but it didn't look too bad, considering it looked perfectly fine before.

Overall I'm really satisfied with this foundation and I'm very glad I was recommended this! It's a great everyday foundation with a very natural looking finish and it also lasts really well - definitely not twenty-four hours, though, but still long enough to get you through the day!

Have you tried this foundation yet? x


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