Wednesday, 10 May 2017

p2 Cosmopolitan Chic Limited Edition

Today, I finally feel like blogging again! Yay! You may or may not have noticed the different background as well. I'm currently at my boyfriend's house so I had to use the given backgrounds... haha

Yesterday I received a package from p2 Cosmetics because Vanessa and I had taken part in a giveaway on Facebook a while ago. Last week we got a message saying that we won the complete limited edition 'Cosmopolitan Chic'! Her post will be up today as well if you want to check that out!

We didn't want to have a look at the collection before actually receiving the packages and when we opened them yesterday we were more than excited!

But now let's get on to the products of the 'Cosmopolitan Chic' LE! I haven't tried any of them yet because I want to do a 'First Impressions' post on these products soon but I didn't want to withhold you this beautiful collection!

Shades (left to right): 020 'Milan fashion', 030 'Berlin lifestyle', 010 'London chic'; 020 'silver expression', 010 'gold expression'
There are three go with the flow matte lip creams and two voyage fever lip toppers of which I have written you the shades below the photo!
I have really high expectations in these lip products and I'm also really excited to try them for the first time!

Next up, there are two over the top-coat nail polishes in the shades 010 'thrilling' and 020 'enticing', which look gorgeous and I can't wait to try them!
There's also a multi-functional travel balm which you can use as a body balm or as a lip balm.

Shades (left to right): 020 'Singapore', 040 'Bangkok', 030 'Tokyo', 010 'Hong Kong'
In the collection, there are also four kajal pencils, the explore asia chopstick kajal. I really like the idea of the packaging and the colours are cool as well!

Four other products of the 'Cosmopolitan Chic' are two always ready lips 2 cheeks balls in the shades 010 'cocktail party' and 020 'rooftop event'. I have read quite a bit about these 2 in 1 cheek and lip products which make me even more excited about trying the ones from p2!
There are also two pump up the glow eye blur pens in the shades 020 'champagne' and 010 'rosé', which look really gorgeous and I can't wait to try those either!

Colours (left to right): 030 'metropolis red', 040 'metropolis fuchsia', 050 'metropolis grey', 010 'metropolis nude', 020 'metropolis green'
These manicure on the go polish pens look really cool and I can't wait to try these for the first time. However, I have now read a few negative reviews about these but I will definitely try and see if I like them or not!

Shades (left to right): 010 'Madrid', 020 'Rome', 030 'Paris'
The last products from this limited edition are the three globetrotter's choice lipstick pens of which you can see the shades above! They look really pretty and very creamy as well - they remind me a bit of the ByTerry Rogue Expert Click Sticks actually and I really liked my one! Definitely looking forward to trying these for the first time!

So that's everything from this lovely 'Cosmopolitan Chic' collection from p2! Like I already mentioned about a thousand times, I'm beyond excited to try all the products and tell you more about them! I will review them here on the blog as well as on my Instagram, so make sure to check back very soon!

What do you think about this LE? x


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