Monday, 29 May 2017

Weleda Refining Toner

💮 Happy Monday lovelies! 💮
Yet another week has begun and I'm feeling very motivated and energised to actually get something done this week, yay! On Thursday, I'm finally getting my results for my A-level exams and I'm beyond nervous but also excited - let's wait and see how everything turned out!

Anyway! Today, I want to talk to you about the Weleda Refining Toner*, which has recently made its way into my daily skincare routine - morning and evening.
First up I want to mention the most obvious thing about this product, which is the packaging, duh. It's a 100 ml blue glass bottle and I absolutely love the colour! It's a very sleek yet very pretty packaging and it also looks gorgeous standing there on my dressing table!

The application of this toner is also very easy as you just have to use a few drops of it on a cotton pad before gently pressing it onto your face. I use this mainly on my t-zone and on the area underneath my eyes as I find it to be most refreshing that way.

The scent is adding to that refreshed feeling as well. It's a mixture of something very spa-like and fresh, which I assume is the organic lemon juice. I've never described a scent like that before but this toner just smells wonderful! I can't find any better adjective to describe this! Wonderful! It also makes me somewhat happy whenever I smell and use it, which is another reason why I just love using this, especially in the morning! It's a great way to start your day happy and refreshed!

The effect this has on my skin is lovely as well. It's not only very refreshing in the morning and soothing in the evening but it also leaves me with soft and smooth skin afterwards!

This toner has really satisfied me ever since I tried it for the first time and I will definitely repurchase it once I have finished this bottle - which will hopefully last me for a few more months!

Have you tried anything new from Weleda recently? x


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*In collaboration with Weleda*
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