Wednesday, 21 June 2017

€30 Highstreet Challenge With Nessi Cannelle

My lovely friend Vanessa from Nessi Cannelle and I decided to do the "Highstreet Challenge" a little while ago - we decided to go for a €30 budget each and thirteen categories in total.

We had about a month and a half time to find the perfect product(s) for each other in each of the thirteen categories, not spending more than €30. It was SO much fun shopping all these bits and bobs and getting them ready for her "Challenge Box". I must admit that it was fairly easy as we've known each other for a couple of years now and we also have the same taste in almost everything, ha!

Our categories were - "Get something...":

1. weird - Spring Hair Remover

2. useful - Book 'Braided Hairstyles'

3. yummy - Cupper English Breakfast Tea

4. for skincare - Balea Konjac Sponge

5. pretty - Rose Fairy Lights

6. for €1 - Essence Glossy Kiss Lipbalm 'Strawberry Kiss'

7. from my childhood - Colourful Swirly Lolly

8. for Summer - Sun Dance Sun Lotion & Schwarzkopf Summer Repair

9. refreshing - Emoji Deodorant '#fruity lollipop'

10. sparkly - Pillow Case

11. decorative - Scented Tealights

12. my favourite product - Balea Cream 'With Love'

13. with a pretty packaging - Balea Shower Gel

She did really well with her selection of products, I must say! I love everything and I can't wait to give all of these a try and start using them! 💖

I think she wants to do a post on her box as well very soon - I will link to her post as soon as it's published here! 

Would you like to do this "Highstreet Challenge" as well? :)


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