Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How To Deal With Stress On The Go

I really hope you're all doing well today! This post is going to be a chatty one, so make sure to sit down and relax while reading it.

After a good five months of constant worry, stress and anxiety all of my A-level exams are officially over and I just got my results last week. I did it. I actually passed the exams and finished school. That's the most rewarding thing out of it all - I'm done now and I did alright. My overall grade is a 2,6 which is okay but of course, I wanted to do better.

I still remember the last couple of days before my first exam back in March. I was more than scared, to say the least, but my therapist had given me some good advice on how to cope with that kind of anxiety before an exam. And everything eventually paid off in the end, with me taking every exam like a pro and with only occasional panic attacks.

However, I started to feel down and depressed a lot more often towards the end of April and I couldn't make out why. I simply couldn't and that irritated me to a point where the panic attacks and the daily anxiety came back.

For a good five years, I've been taking various medications. One pill every morning to get that flow of Serotonin up and going, to 'balance the mood' you could say.
However, thanks to my mum, who's always looking for another way to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks, I found out about the Bach Rescue Sprays and Pastilles. I have been taking the sprays with me everywhere and I do use them daily. The Pastilles are useful as well but for me, they just taste good and somehow don't have the effect I need when taking them.

I have been using the Rescue Night Spray every night before going to bed ever since I got the first bottle about two years ago. It basically knocks me out half an hour after taking it and makes it possible for me to sleep well throughout the night. It could be my mind telling me this stuff works wonders but to me, this spray is exactly what I need!

The Original Rescue Spray, the 'normal' one, is always with me in my handbag when I'm out and about. It has a way lighter effect than the night version but it's still very calming and somewhat comforting to me. I feel a lot better and also safer when I have the spray with me because you never know what kind of circumstances you're going to be in when you go out shopping or go to the cinema with your friends, you know?

For the 'worst cases' I do have another medication that my doctor prescribed me a few years ago. Sedaselect is a lot stronger than the Bach Rescue Sprays, I tell you! Whenever the anxiety or the panic attack I'm having gets too bad I take ten drops of it on a sugar cube and let it dissolve on my tongue. It never takes longer than five minutes until I feel the drops kicking in and calming me down.

At the moment I need the Sedaselect drops a lot more often but I hope that changes again soon...! And in case I don't always have them or one of the sprays with me I do one or two things of these:

  • Take deep and slow breaths (eyes closed)
  • Drink water or tea
  • Meditate (if possible)
  • Write down how I feel
  • Take a short walk (fresh air)
  • "It will get better very soon"

I found this to be the best way to calm down a little when I don't have any medications around. 

Oh dear, this has become such a long post, ha! I'm sorry for rambling so much but I just felt like putting lots of detail into this post. I hope you like it anyway! :)

Let me know about your best ways to deal with stress and anxiety! x


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