Monday, 5 June 2017

Isabelle Lancray Vitamina Cleansing Foam

The past two days have been so stressful in terms of keeping all of my blogging stuff updated, I tell you! I was on a short weekend getaway with my boyfriend and I knew I wouldn't have any WIFI there so I planned and scheduled ahead and wrote down two blog posts for the weekend and scheduled everything on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
However, Blogger somehow didn't save any of my changes and none of the two posts I scheduled went live, which sucks because I put so much effort into them! But yeah, that's the reason why there weren't any new posts on my blog the past two days...

Today I have a new one for you and I really hope it will be published this time!
I have been trying and testing the Isabelle Lancray Vitamina Cleansing Foam* for quite some time now and I thought it's about time I give you a little review on this!

I already talked about two lovely products from Isabelle Lancray in my Skincare Favourites #2 post a few months ago and I still absolutely love them! When I found out they also have a cleansing foam in their collection, I had to try it!

I use three to four pumps of this foam every evening after taking my makeup off with a makeup remover wipe and before using a toner. Before using this, I always wet my face and my hands to make sure it foams really well and takes off all the leftover makeup from my face.

After putting the foam on my face, I rinse it with lukewarm water and carefully pat it dry with a towel. My skin is smooth afterwards but it also feels very tight which I had to get used to before actually enjoying this product!

I already noticed a difference in my complexion after having used this only a few times which makes this product even better! In combination with the Vitamina Vitamined Cocktail Cream, my skin not only feels but also looks so very soft and smooth and also healthy!

This product is one of the few skincare products I have been using almost non-stop for the past few months and which is still going strong! Absolutely adore this!

Have you tried anything from Isabelle Lancray before? x


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