Friday, 30 June 2017

Life Update: June

This photo was taken a while ago already but I really liked it for this post - it's a bit dark and grungy, though, it doesn't really represent my current situation very well! It's the opposite of "dark and grungy" actually. 😊

I try to post these "Life Updates" every three months, so the last one I did was in March and I do remember the day I sat down to write that post was the last full day I had to study for my second A-levels exam... So glad it's all over now!

April and May haven't been exciting at all - I went to school a couple of times to write those exams and then go back home to relax or study for the next exam. However, I got lots of stuff done for my blog and spent a lot more time with my family as well.
Apart from getting my dress for my Graduation Dance fitted, nothing else happened that I think is worth mentioning here.

The month of June, however, turned out to be a bit more exciting for me! On the 1st we got our results in school and I gladly passed all the exams and got my A-levels. I still can't believe I actually passed!
After that, my boyfriend and I went on a little weekend getaway together and had the loveliest three days. It was so relaxing and I hope there will be a few more weekends like that before I move back to Berlin in August - there are only like 50 days left!?
On the 16th we then got our A-level certificates and had the Graduation Dance on the 23rd, which was probably the most amazing night ever - post coming next month! One day later my boyfriend and I made our way London and we now still have three more days left and really want to make the most of them!

It's been such a lovely year so far, even though I had all those exams and stuff, but it all eventually paid off in the end. I really hope the next three months will be just as exciting, with me getting my own flat in Berlin and starting my apprenticeship in a bank!
I will make sure to get back to you with another "Life Update" in September! :)

How's life been for you so far this year? x


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