Monday, 12 June 2017

p2 Go With The Flow Matte Lip Creams

🌹 Happy Monday! 🌹

I thought I would do a post about these lovely lip products today, which are the p2 Go With The Flow Matte Lip Creams. I already mentioned them in my p2 Cosmopolitan Chic Limited Edition post a while back when I showed you the whole collection as I had won it in a Facebook giveaway!

There are three shades of these matte lip creams - 010 'London Chic', 020 'Milan Fashion' and 030 'Berlin Lifestyle'.

London Chic is a very light pink shade, which would look almost white on pale skin tones, I reckon. It's actually too light for my liking and that rarely happens with lip products! Milan Fashion, on the other hand, is a deep berry toned shade, which is gorgeous and looks stunning when applied! The last one, Berlin Lifestyle, is a medium brown shade with a hint of a mauvy undertone, if that makes sense, ha! But it looks gorgeous on the lips - I never thought I could pull off such a lip colour but it actually looks quite pretty.

Once they've dried, they are very matte but also very dry on the lips! I always need to apply a clear lip gloss on top, otherwise, my lips would look all cracked, dry and quite disgusting actually. With a gloss, they're absolutely fine, though!

Because these lip creams dry very matte, they stay on so much longer, in my opinion. Even with that gloss on top, they still last all day long but are a bit of a pain to take off in the evening...

I also wish they had a few more shades in that range, maybe a few darker nudes or something! Then I would have many more gorgeously packaged lip products on my makeup table as well! *heart eyes emoji*

How do you like the sound of these matte lip creams? x


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