Monday, 3 July 2017

Current YouTube Faves

It's the last day in London for us today and I'm really sad about it... 😭 But prepare yourselves for several post titles including the word "London" in the next few weeks because I have everything planned already, ha!

Today's post, however, is a little rundown of all the YouTubers I like to watch at the moment. Of course, Zoella and PointlessBlog are part of this list as well but I really don't have to mention that again here on my blog, I suppose - you all know I love them!

Tati / GlamLifeGuru
She's definitely my favourite at the moment! Tati is such a sweet and lovely person and her videos are always interesting to watch! She uploads a video almost every single day and I really admire her for that! I really hope she continues uploading videos to her channel until she gets old and wrinkly - I'm sure she could still pull off those classic makeup looks! haha

Duh, you saw this one coming, didn't you? Victoria has been a favourite of mine for a long time now and I'm always so happy when I get a notification saying that she just uploaded a new video - makes my day every time! 😊

Madison Miller
I discovered Madison's channel while I was looking for a video on camera lenses and which one to get for filming YouTube videos and ever since that video I absolutely enjoy watching every other one she uploads! She's a super cool and fun person to watch and she's gorgeous too!

Out of all these channels, I've been watching Shannon's the longest. She's such an amazing YouTuber and I just love her videos! Although most of her makeup looks or tutorials are a bit too colourful and "out there" for me, I love to watch her do her makeup and just talk through it.

I've also been loving all the Carpool Karaoke videos from The Late Late Show with James Corden - damn, that guy is talented!!

Which channels do you enjoy watching? x


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