Sunday, 30 July 2017

€30 Highstreet Challenge With Angels Beauty Corner

Last month, I already did a Highstreet Challenge with my friend Vanessa here on the blog and we got each other some amazing bits!

This time I teamed up with my cousin Yasmin from Angels Beauty Corner to do the same: we set a budget of again €30 and had 14 categories in total.

Like in the other post I will write down the categories we had and put the product right next to it so you can see what she got me!

"Get something...":
1. for school/work - Lacy Pencil Case (so cute!)

2. with a pretty packaging - Catrice Gradiation Blush in C02 'Berry Bow'

3. for skincare - Balea Peel-Off Mask + Garnier Aqua Mask

4. to relax - Fruit & Lemongrass Tea

5. from your holiday - Messinian Spa Set

6. that's an all-rounder - Balea Hand Lotion 'Melon Berry'

7. for the blog - Balea BB Cream + Garnier BB Cream both in 'Light' 

8. from your everyday makeup routine - Manhattan Eyemazing Double Effect Eyeshadow & Liner in 002 'Molten Metal'

9. for €1 - t by tetesept 'Hallo Glückstag' Shower Gel

10. decorative - Profissimo Candle

11. from your favourite brand - Essence My Must Haves Palette

12. for Summer - Balea Aqua Spray

13. a scent from the drugstore - O-Twist Vanilla Kiss

14. the other should try -  Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid in 'Light/Iridiscent' 

I'm already in love with a few of these products and I can't wait to try the other bits as well! She really did a great job and I can't wait to do many more of these Highstreet Challenges with other people!

Maybe you're interested in doing one! If so just let me know! x


Let's get in touch!

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