Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Let's Talk: Hair Removal

Hair removal. Probably one of the most stressful things women have to think about. At least I find it to be a bit stressful and just annoying to always think about shaving my legs and whatnot. Because we're all honest here on this blog, I won't hesitate to state my opinion on this topic today. I personally like to shave everything there is to shave, basically haha

Apart from my head, my brows and my lashes, I hate having hair on any other part of my body, which is why hair removal is quite important to me. I don't know why that is but I just feel a lot better when I know I'm all fresh and shaved, especially when I've just put clean sheets on the bed - best feeling everrr!!

But now on to the products and gadgets I use for making my legs, arms etc. feeling as soft as a baby's bottom!

Until now I've probably tried almost every hair removal method there is to do at home. Wax strips, shaving, hair removal cream and epilating. I always go back to shaving, though, for which I currently use the M. Lady Mini* and the M.Lady Oil*. It's an amazing combination that leaves the skin soft and smooth for days before the hair slowly grows back!

Sometimes I do like to use my Epilator from Rossmann, but it really is painful. As well as with the epilator, I use the Balea Hair Removal Cream sometimes, when I'm in a rush or when I just don't feel like shaving. It's the most chemical thing to put on your legs just because you want them to be hairless, but it works very well and it's easy and fast too.

However, I still find shaving the easiest and best method. After shaving I always like to use the Orange Blue Cosmetics Skin Softening Body Lotion, which makes my skin even softer!

This post was quite interesting to write actually and I would love to do more of these "Let's Talk" posts, so let me know which topics you would like to see here on the blog! 😊

Which hair removal method works best for you? x


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