Monday, 10 July 2017


I can't quite believe it's been a week since we got back from our trip to London! Those nine days were just SO good and I really want to go back again anytime soon! I'm just so in love with that city, it always feels like my second hometown!

My boyfriend and I flew with Ryanair from Hamburg Airport to London Stansted on Saturday the 24th at around six in the evening and arrived at almost the same time in London, I believe.

At the airport, we got a bit lost and had to look for the coach to bring us to Liverpool Street but we eventually found everything and arrived at our AirBnB room in Whitechapel, which was incredible! The hosts were so lovely and welcoming and I immediately felt at home!

Throughout the week, we basically saw and visited everything that was on our list, which wasn't that much because we both had been to London before.

But there was also one extraordinary experience for the two of us - it was my boyfriends birthday on the 29th of June, which was a Thursday, and since he really likes Palace and Supreme and all those hyped up brands, I promised him to queue up with him for the weekly Supreme drop (worst idea I ever had!). But in the end, he eventually got the stuff he wanted and was happy with how the day had turned out. 😊💖

It's been such a lovely week, the weather was great and we had the best time together! I'm looking forward to so many more holidays with him! 😍

How's your Summer been so far? x


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