Sunday, 9 July 2017

Manhattan 3 in 1 Easy Match Foundation & Concealer

I hope you all have had a lovely Sunday so far! I've been cleaning and tidying and packing stuff all day long and I actually enjoy it! haha
It's still quite a bit unreal to think about moving out next month... There was once a time where I said that there are still seven more years to go until I can move back to Berlin - time flies!?

In today's post, however, I don't want to talk to you about moving out or packing boxes. Today, it's all about this lovely makeup and concealer duo from Manhattan Cosmetics: the 3 in 1 Easy Match Foundation and Concealer. The foundation, I got in the shade 30 'Soft Porcelain' and the concealer, I got in the shade 10 'Porcelain'. They're both the lightest shades from their range, which was obvious, wasn't it? I'm just so pale all year round that no matter the season, I always go for the lightest shades! Which would make it so easy for my boyfriend to buy makeup for me... Just a little hint for him there, in case he reads this, ha! 😜

But let's go on with the foundation now first. It has a very lightweight texture and also feels that way when applied to the face. I like to use a damp makeup sponge for applying the foundation - and the concealer as well - as I find it to look the most natural that way, just like with lots of other foundations and concealers I've been using lately. 
This foundation also has a very light and fresh scent to it, which I really like as it is not too strong. I would say this has a light to medium coverage, which is just the coverage I'm looking for at the moment: nothing too heavy but just good enough to cover any blemishes or imperfections on the skin.

The matching concealer comes with a brush applicator underneath the cap, which, again, makes it look exactly like a product from Rimmel; the Match Perfection Concealer just like this one! I recently did a whole post about some bits I got from Manhattan Cosmetics and there are so many products that look exactly the same!
The concealer also has that same light and fresh scent and also has a very creamy texture that makes it quite comfortable and easy to blend with a makeup sponge. The coverage of this is medium, I'd say, but it's definitely buildable - I like to use this underneath my eyes and on any blemishes or spots that I have and it always looks good!

Of course, you can use these two products in combination with any other products as well, however, I find them to work best together.

What's your go-to foundation and concealer duo at the moment? x

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