Friday, 28 July 2017

Multi-Masking 101 With L'Oreal

Before I got the chance to try this new Multi-Masking Mini Set* from L'Oreal, I never really gave multi-masking a go. I thought it was just too much work and thought it wouldn't really work on my skin as well.

However, now that I've tried this, I think that multi-masking is actually SO much fun and it really has made a difference on my skin!

This set contains three 10 ml pots of the Pure Clay Masks, which allows you to try them out and get into multi-masking in the first place!

I like to use this once to twice a week on bare and cleansed skin: I start with the Detox Mask, which is the black one, and put that all over my nose. I like to apply these with my fingers, by the way as I think it's easier than applying them with a brush.
The next mask I use in my little routine is the Glow Mask, the red one, which I put on both my cheeks. This mask really helps my skin clear up and reduce any blemishes and it has made applying makeup a lot more fun, to be honest!
The Purify Mask, the green one, is the last one in this routine and I put that on my forehead and on my chin to reduce the risk of getting oily and to overall just clear up those areas as well.
I then leave them on for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse them off with lukewarm water afterwards.

This mini set has really convinced me to try more multi-masking sets and to try different combinations as well! Like I said, it's actually so much fun and I really enjoy doing it! 😊 The only thing I don't like about this set is the little pots the masks come in as you can't close them after using the mask. 10 ml are way too much for one go but you can't close the lid anymore after you've torn it open, which is quite annoying.

But so far, multi-masking has definitely become my thing and I really like it!

Have you tried multi-masking before? x


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