Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Terra Naturi Beauty Perfection Collection

Yesterday night we got back from London and I'm sad but also happy that we're back home. I had quite a few packages waiting for me and I was so excited to open them - I love getting new stuff! 😍 Be prepared for a few collective hauls on Lilies Beauty very soon, ha!

But in this post, I want to talk about the Terra Naturi Beauty Perfection Collection*, including an eye cream, a serum and a moisturiser!
Every product from the Beauty Perfection range contains microalgal and peony extracts and promises a glowy and healthy looking complexion when used regularly.

When I opened the box this set came in, I was very excited to see that there was also an eye cream - I've been looking for an eye cream for quite some time now but I just can't seem to find one that works for my very sensitive eye area! This one, however, doesn't irritate the area around my eyes or makes my eyes burn, which was the reason why I stopped using most eyes creams. It also makes me look more awake when used in the morning and soothes my eyes when used in the evening.

After the eye cream, I always use the serum. The serum feels very lightweight on the skin and has very tiny bits of shimmer in it, which can't be seen on the skin at all. However, these bits of shimmer instantly leave the skin looking more glowy and healthy, plus it smells really nice and natural too.

The last product, which is the moisturiser, is also my favourite out of this collection! It is the third step in my Beauty Perfection routine and it gives just the right amount of finishing touches to my face! Not only does it look SO glowy and dewy and healthy after using this, it also feels incredibly soft and makes applying makeup so much more fun, in my opinion! Just as the serum, the moisturiser sinks into the skin very quickly and smells quite nice and natural.
And you really don't have to use much of these products either, which makes them last way longer as well!

Overall, I'm really liking this Beauty Perfection Collection from Terra Naturi so far and I will definitely continue to use it daily - apart from the eye cream, I use these products only in the morning to get that daily glow on! 

This collection is available at Müller only, which is a German drugstore but I'm sure you could get this on the internet as well! 😊

How do you like the sound of this skincare collection? x


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