Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Things I Do To Feel Better #2

I currently have a really bad headache and I don't feel too well at all so I'll try my best to write this post as quickly as I can...

So without further ado, I think we should just hop right into it, shall we?

Take pictures
It's not the first thing I consider doing when I'm not feeling my best but it's definitely something I do regularly. And it's not only to make me feel better but also to keep the posts on my blog up and going!

Drink tea
Apart from taking pictures, drinking tea is my favourite thing to do - not only when I'm not feeling that well but also almost every night before going to bed. It just makes me feel a lot better knowing I've had my cup of tea before sleeping.

Eat some sweets
Some sugar helps a lot, especially when I'm feeling down. Most of the time I eat chocolate or cookies and feel better almost immediately. Sometimes sweets really do help a lot when you don't feel too well.

Listen to music
Music is always a good way to calm down and relax a bit. I always search for a nice playlist on Spotify to improve my mood and either just lay in bed and listen to some songs from it or I'll sing along and tidy around my room.

What are you guys doing regularly to feel better? x


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