Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My 3 Product Face

Especially now that I'm in middle of moving out my daily makeup routine only consists of three makeup products: concealer, mascara and something to fill in my brows.

Most of my makeup is already packed up and ready to be moved to Berlin once I find an affordable flat. That also means that I had to reduce my everyday makeup routine to the minimum. Once I'm at my grandma's next week I will be able to unpack a few bits and bobs but for now, my face has to deal with the same three products every day.

For my concealer, I like to use the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in the shade 'Fair Neutral'. This concealer has the perfect high coverage that I'm currently looking for and I definitely don't regret picking this as my everyday concealer! Although I love alternating between the products I have, especially when it comes to my concealers, I really enjoy using this on a daily basis.

The product I use daily to fill in my brows is the Essence Eyebrow Designer in the shade 05 'Soft Blonde'. I have talked about this in my 3 Brow Products Worth The Try post a few months ago and I still love using it! It's very easy to fill in your brows with and the shade is perfect for my hair colour.

As for the final step in my 3 product routine, I love to apply my beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Together with the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara, it is my all time favourite mascara!

I really hope I can unpack all of my other makeup very soon because I got used to just pick different products every day and using only three of them now really makes a difference!

If you had to choose three products to use every day, which products would be on your list? x


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Monday, 14 August 2017

Five Blogs To Follow #1

Today's post is the start of a short new series here on my blog, which I do want to call 'Five Blogs To Follow'! I think there are so many amazing bloggers out there that just aren't appreciated enough and therefore I will mention their blog, their name and what I like about them in these posts!

I really hope you like them and maybe you can tell me a bit more about your favourite bloggers in the comments!

Get Ready With Laura 
I only very recently discovered Laura's blog because she sent me a DM on Twitter, which made me so happy! I actually couldn't believe there are so many more German bloggers out there who also publish their blog posts in English! Her blog is simply amazing; I love her images, her style of writing and she's such a sweet and lovely person as well!
Instagram: @getreadywithlaura

Elena Isabelle
It's the same with Elena's blog; she was born in Berlin - just like me - but her blog is written in English. She also has some amazing photography and writing skills and I really hope to meet her in Berlin someday!
Instagram: @elenaisabelle_

Just Snyx
Valentine's Instagram and her blog always give me massive photography envy... All of these blogs have incredible images and I love all of them but Valentine's photos are up there with my favourites!
Instagram: @its_not_snyx

Friday Faye
Faye seems like such a sweet person and I wish I could meet her someday! Her Instagram feed is all pretty in pink and I absolutely love that! Her blog is just as stunning and I really enjoy reading her posts!
Instagram: @fridayfaye

Kasie Beauty
Kasie's blog is the one that I've been following the longest, I believe. I love reading her posts and catching up with her through her pictures on Instagram, which, again, are amazing!
Instagram: @kasiebeauty

Have a lovely Monday! x


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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Brand Focus: L'Oreal

Although I don't own very many products from L'Oreal, it has been one of my favourite highstreet brands ever since I started to experiment with makeup a bit more.

However, with my very first few products from them, it was a bit of love-hate relationship and I can't exactly tell you why that was but it must have been my lack of knowledge in terms of makeup application, product pigmentation, etc.
Nowadays, L'Oreal is the first brand I'm reaching for when I need a new, amazing mascara or a great foundation.

I must also admit that apart from not currently owning very many of their products, I also haven't tried many. Maybe that is a bit of a wrong statement to throw out there in a Brand Focus post but to me, L'Oreal, in general, is just the brand for mascaras and foundations and I do like to only buy those two categories from them, to be fair.

Another reason for the little L'Oreal section in my makeup collection probably is their price tag. I know it's a highstreet brand and they are a lot more affordable than most highend brands, hence why they're highstreet, but some of their products, e.g. their Nude Magique Cushion Foundation (14.95€), are just too expensive for my very small budget. Sometimes I do feel a bit more spendy when I'm at Rossman, Mueller or DM but then there are days where I just don't want to spend anything on L'Oreal products.
That's a very weak argument for a girl that sometimes spends more than 100€ on Feelunique or wherever, isn't it? But I hope you know what I'm trying to say... L'Oreal is just one of the higher priced highstreet brands that I occasionally like to pick some products up from and try out.

Apart from the prices, the products you get are amazing. So far, so good - apart from my kind of miserable start with the brand I haven't tried a bad product from them and I hope that doesn't change in the future.

Overall, L'Oreal is a brand that I like to have a look at when I'm out shopping and I like to spend a bit more money on the highstreet. Essence or Catrice, however, are on the same level of favourite brands for me.

What's your favourite product from L'Oreal? x


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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cosnature Detox Day & Night Cream

All those boxes, bags and suitcases are piling up in my room, my family - especially my mum - is going crazy over the fact that I'm moving out next week and I'm in between all that. I know I've mentioned that I'm going to move back to Berlin many times on the blog now but I just need to write that down sometimes to actually realise that it's really going to happen soon.

Everything is so exciting yet so surreal to me at the moment that sometimes I don't even know how to properly react in certain situations because of that and it's making me so frustrated! There are moments where I think I should reconsider my choice of moving back to Berlin if I'm completely honest with you guys...

Anyway! I'm sorry for talking on and on about all that life-y stuff so let's just continue with the products of today's blog post!

You guys may or may not have noticed that I blog regularly about products that I get from a monthly Blogger Club Box and today I want to share an amazing face cream duo with you that I got the chance to try thanks to this box!

It's the Cosnature Detox Day & Night Cream* duo enriched with vitamin E, green tea and lemon. It says it's best for stressed and tired looking skin, which was the crucial point within the description that made me choose this duo.

The Night Cream also contains shea butter, which I do not only like in body lotions but now also in moisturisers for my face as it is a very rich and nourishing ingredient that my skin seems to like a lot.

I do want to mention that I don't use this combination every single day; sometimes I just use the Day Cream, sometimes I only use the Night Cream and sometimes I use completely different moisturisers. However, this duo has become my go-to for when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a relaxation and de-stress.

There are mornings - and these seem to occur a lot more frequently over the past few weeks - where I look at myself in the mirror and instantly see that my skin looks dull and tired, but since discovering this I know that whenever my skin looks that way I have a moisturiser that will help it look more alive and fresh without any harsh ingredients.

I really recommend this duo to anyone, basically. Your skin will thank you for a little de-stress in the morning and/or evening and, I almost forgot about that, these creams also have a very nice, not too strong scent, which adds a little something to the relaxation part in my opinion.

Tell me about your favourite morning-evening moisturisers in the comments! x 


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*In collaboration with Blogger Club*

Friday, 11 August 2017

Miabox July 2017

Last month, I got another chance to review the Miabox*, which I already did in April this year. The theme for this box was "Belle Amie" and the products look amazing again this time!

I didn't really get much use out of the products from the last box I received though so I passed them on to my friends and family.

In this box I got:

  • Beni Durrer Lip Colour 'Rushhour' (18.50€)
  • CMD Sandorini Facial Tonic (11.85€)
  • WOB Phyto Silk Mask EGF & Aloe (3.30€)
  • Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit (22.90€)
  • Beni Durrer Lip Contour Set (26.00€)
  • bdr Re-flect Moisturizing Sun Protecting Fluid (an extra goodie in this month's box!)

I'm really happy with the products I got in this box and I can't wait to try all of them! I've already tried the CMD Facial Tonic and I absolutely love it! It smells divine and it makes my skin so soft!

I also already tried the Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit but I don't want to go into too much detail here because I have a full post on this coming up very soon!

What do you think about last month's box? x


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

p2 Cosmopolitan Chic Manicure On-The-Go Polish Pens

A few months a go I already did a post about the lovely p2 Limited Edition Box I won in a Facebook giveaway together with Nessi Cannelle. Up until now, I tried a few bits myself but I also gave away some of them.

The first items I want to mention on the blog are the Manicure On-The-Go Polish Pens in five different colours: 050 'metropolis grey', 040 'metropolis fuchsia', 030 'metropolis red', 020 'metropolis green' and 010 'metropolis nude'.

I only tried two of the shades, which were 050 and 040 but that was already enough to be able to state an opinion on them... I had some high hopes in these pens as I'm not the best at applying nail polish in general and most of the time I also don't really have the time to apply nail polish. So when I saw these I thought my little love-hate relationship with my nails would be over... But I was SO wrong!

First of all, they smell disgusting, like an Edding and that's just not the type of smell I want to have around when painting my nails.

Next, the tip of these pens is rock-hard and you have to press it so many times before the actual product comes out. Once the nail polish has dried, which doesn't take too long, the colours look alright but they only lasted, like, an hour for me before starting to crack. I was more than disappointed and also kind of sad because I thought the struggle would finally be over.

There's something positive about these, though, which is the way of application. Although the tip is very hard, it makes applying nail polish so much easier, even for a clumsy person like me!

Overall, I have to say that these were such a fail for me and I hope the ones from Catrice are better! They recently came up with the same idea and I really want to try those!

Have you tried any nail polish pens before? x


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Monday, 7 August 2017

7 Natural Ways to Get Beautiful Today - Guest Post by Sara

Who wouldn't mind looking pleasant and catching everyone's eye due to their natural beauty? But, it isn't as difficult as you think it is. There are simple tricks through which you can get even more naturally appealing than you are today.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these 7 ways now, and simply flaunt being beautiful:

One of the most effective natural ways to look fresh and naturally alluring is a sauna. Sweating helps excrete toxins and dry sauna is the best source. The dead cells are removed, leaving the inner, newborn skin to be exposed to the world. You can also buy the best massage chair to relax and cool down after having some time in the sauna.

Natural Juice
Natural juice, which is quite commonly called as Green Juice, is loaded with multi vitamins. Greens are the best alkalizing agents, aiding in the detoxification of the body. Similarly, cucumber is also hydrating and a glass of its juice per day will help your skin a lot. You can make your own detox water with cucumber and lemon to flush out toxins and stay healthy.

No matter how much we emphasize on exercise, its importance will never dim. Exercise results in the excretion of endorphins, which bring color to your skin and make you happy. If you are into yoga or pilates that is even better. You can look beautiful outside and build a great posture and muscle strength from the inside. Losing weight is an added bonus too.

Proper Diet
A proper, balanced diet is necessary for your health. If you want to look and feel beautiful, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Get rid of processed oils including corn, soy, sunflower and canola etc and prefer coconut and olive oil. Eat good fats to stay hydrated and maintain your skin.

Natural Skin Products
If you want to become naturally attractive, use products that are natural. Ditch perfumes, additives, leather and parabens etc. In order to keep your skin refreshing, use pure oils like shea butter, argan oil and jojoba etc. Believe me, these raw oils are better than the most expensive products in the world.

Get Rid of Sugar
Every sane person knows that sugar can add multiple problems to already a pile of diseases. If you want to keep naturally fit, eliminating sugar of your diet is a must. It can lead to inflammation, causing acne, wrinkles and fast aging. Sugar is also toxic; so it is better to stick to natural sources of sweetness and that can only be fruits and sweet vegetables.

Proper Sleep
If you are one of those people who spend a lot on expensive eye masks and treatments, read this carefully. Getting a good night's sleep can help you in more way than you can ever imagine. Stay fit from the outside and inside both, just by having a proper eight hours slumber every day. Your hair and skin will be fresh and dark bags under your eyes will vanish. You must never ever compromise on your sleep.

Author Bio:
Sara is a psychologist by profession and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly posts at

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Current Everyday Makeup Routine

I'm quite happy with my blog photography recently and this one is definitely one of my favourite photos! How do you like my current photography/editing? 😊

Today I want to share my current everyday makeup routine with you guys! I'm actually making an effort to look somewhat presentable with not that many makeup products on my face, you know? And I think the routine I currently have is definitely the best I've had so far!

After having applied my moisturiser and my serum and everything I start with the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in the shade 'Fair' and apply that all over my face with a damp makeup sponge. Then I go in with my favourite concealer at the moment, which is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NC15 and apply that all over my nose and under my eyes, also blending that with a small makeup sponge.

I then continue with using the Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer to give my face a bit more depth and dimension and the theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer afterwards to get the right glow on!

For the eyes, I love to use the NARS Eyeshadow Duo in the shade 'All About Eve' just to add a bit of colour to the eyelids. Then for my brows, I, of course, use my beloved Benefit Ka Brow! in the shade 3 and the Essence Make Me Brow in the shade 03 'Soft Browny Brows' to set them in place.

Before applying mascara, I use the MAC Fix+ to set the face and all the powdery products I've used before. I just don't like the feeling of having mascara on and setting my face afterwards. It just feels so weird on the lashes!

The last step in my makeup routine is to apply the LancΓ΄me Monsieur Big Mascara first and let that dry for a couple of minutes before going back in with the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara to achieve the lash look I want to go for.

Also, may I just add how cute this little makeup bag from Caudalie is? I got this in a collaboration package last year and I love it!

What does your current everyday makeup routine look like? x


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

First Impressions: Revlon

Last month I kindly received a package from Rossmann with a few new Revlon goodies! Revlon only just made its way into the German drugstores and Rossmann sent out a few boxes with some products to get to know the brand. You should have seen my reaction when I opened my package... haha πŸ˜‚

In the box, there were five of their mascaras, two foundations and two liquid lipsticks. I've been dying to try something from Revlon for so long and I actually couldn't believe I got the chance to try a few of their products!

The products I have here are the...

  • Colorstay Makeup Normal/Dry in 200 'Nude'*
  • Colorstay Makeup Combination/Oily in 220 'Natural Beige'*
  • Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in 'HD Kisses' and 'Addiction'*
  • Super Length Mascara*
  • Dramatic Definition Mascara*
  • Volume + Length Magnified Mascara*
  • Ultra Volume Mascara*
  • Ultimate All-In-One-Mascara*

The Revlon foundations have been on my makeup wishlist ever since I started using makeup. Sadly, both the shades are too dark and orange for my skintone so I passed them on to my cousin. I only swatched them on the back of my hand and both of them felt quite nice. I can't say more about these but I think Yasmin will for sure review them on her blog soon!

Lip Colors
These are incredible! I absolutely love the smell of them, both the shades I have are gorgeous and they feel so silky and comfortable on the lips! Especially with a clear lip gloss on top, they make my lips look fuller and just amazing, if I may so myself!

With these, I have to mention that I only tried two of the five mascaras I have from Revlon so far. I don't want them to get dry and disgusting so I only opened and used the Dramatic Definition Mascara, which I already owned before and really like, and the Super Length Mascara. So far it's an okay mascara, not my favourite but it's alright. I'm really looking forward to trying the other three of these, though!

I think Revlon is a great brand that's definitely worth trying a few products from! I really want to get one of their foundations in my shade and post another review on that very soon!

Also, I want to say that creating these Collective widgets is SO much fun! 😍 I had a look and linked you all the Revlon products down below!

Have you tried anything from Revlon before? What's your favourite product? x


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Friday, 4 August 2017

5 at Home Beauty Treatments to Prepare Your Skin for the Beach - Guest Post by Karolina Miseviciute

It's this time of the year when we get ourselves out there and go to the beach. It's the time we both love and hate. Who doesn't like the ocean or the warm sand that makes you feel so alive? However, going to the beach also means that you'll need to expose more skin than ever. We certainly need to prepare for that! Here are some of the beauty treatments you shouldn't forget before going for a treat!

Pamper Your Feet
We often forget our feet since they're somewhere hidden in those shoes. Nobody seems them. However, it's very different once you come out to the beach. All the sudden, everyone can see everything! Your calluses and your toenails! It only means one thing, it's time to pamper your feet! First, you probably want to get rid of those calluses. You can either do that with a callus remover or a pumice stone. Pumice stones tend to be more effective though since they're a bit rougher. I also love using one, because they're super cheap. You don't need to spend more than $4 to get a good one in a supermarket.

What I usually do to remove my calluses.
- I soak my feet in either chamomile tea or lukewarm water with Epsom salt. They tend to soften the skin much better than water alone.
- I use the lovely pumice stone to get rid of all that dead skin.
For the final touch, I love to apply either olive oil or coconut oil to my feet, put socks on and go to sleep. Giving your feet time to soak in all the moisture helps to keep that baby skin alive!

Cleanse Your Skin
Keeping your skin shiny and light is super important in the summer. We spend a lot of time outside and the skin can easily get problematic. I'm a big fan of natural cleansing remedies. Here is a short recipe for a facial cleanser that I usually use.

Honey and Lemon Cleanser
Mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of lemon juice. They both have antiseptic properties and honey moisturises the skin too. Overall, a good combination to soothe your skin. Rub the mixture into your skin in circular motions. Afterwards, wash it off with lukewarm water.

The BiorΓ© Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is quite a good cleanser that you could buy too. It doesn't dry out my skin as much as other products do. Certainly recommend this one.

Have a Brazilian
For an extra fresh feeling, you may want to get a Brazilian waxing. Removing hair from down there can be both painful and confusing. I personally don't like shaving since it ends up being very itchy and simply uncomfortable. Epilation is great but it's very painful. That's why most of the times I just end up waxing and I absolutely love it. It's less painful and the results last for quite long - up to a month even! Here are some of the waxing products that I recommend to remove hair: My Favourite Waxing Products.

Some of my tips on how to wax the bikini area:
- Exfoliate beforehand. You can either use a loofah while you're showering or the Asutra Organic Exfoliating Scrub that works quite well on my bikini area.
- Cut your strips into small pieces. It's much easier to remove all the hairs, and it greatly reduces the pain while waxing. It's always better to rip out fewer hairs at once.
- Afterwards, apply an oil and moisturising cream. It's a good idea to wear loose clothes or even sleep naked once you're done with the procedure to avoid irritation.

Get Some of That Tan Going
It's a good idea to get some tan before going to the beach otherwise your skin may burn. There are salons where you could go bathing. Spending more time outside might help too. If you're extra pale and you always keep burning, it might be a good idea to start taking supplements that increase melanin levels in your skin. In that way, you're more likely to catch some tan and protect yourself from scary burns.

Give Some Love to Your Hair
The sun makes us happy, however, our hair doesn't feel that way at all. Salty water and the sun can seriously damage and dry out our hair. Before every beach season, I pamper them with coconut oil. What I usually do is apply some of the oil to the ends of my hair, make a bun and keep it that way for a day or so. Especially if I know that I am going the gym that day, and I'll need to wash my hair anyway. I also love using the Garnier Fructis Colour Resist Mask. I have never found a mask that would nurture and refresh my hair more than this one. Whenever you're using it, make sure to apply it to your hair ends only and keep it on for around 30 seconds. Otherwise, it makes your hair too oily.

Author Bio:
My name is Karolina and I love writing about hair removal and skin care at Epilator Home. I share my experiences as well as tips that help to make hair removal processes more pleasant and effective!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

It's been a while since I properly sat down and actually took some more time out of my day to write a blog post! It feels so good to be back at it again and I can't wait to finally start my YouTube channel at the end of this year as well! Yep, I'm planning to start my YouTube 'career' this year and I'm beyond excited for all the planning and recording and everything! 😍 If you want to stay up to date and get a notification for my first ever video, subscribe here!

But now back to today's post, ha!
I know many people say that you can't write a review about a product that you've only been testing out for a couple of weeks but today I already want to talk to you about the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.
I've been using this every single day since my Beautylish order arrived and I think I'm 'ready' to review this. πŸ’ͺ

I have already mentioned this product a couple of times on my blog; in my Collective Haul and my The Internet Made Me Buy It post.
The incentive to actually buy this CC cream and not only read reviews about it and dwell on how amazing it would be if I had this myself came from Victoria from Inthefrow.

I got this in the lightest shade 'Fair' and it's a perfect match for me! I like to apply this with a damp makeup sponge - as always - and I absolutely love the glowy and dewy finish this gives to my skin! I was simply impressed right from the start; the finish looks amazing, the texture is very lightweight yet quite full coverage and still buildable and it makes my skin look almost flawless throughout most of the day!
The extra SPF 50+ is just another thing that makes me want to talk about this CC cream all the time, as well as the fact that this doesn't break me out or makes my skin go red at all! Sometimes makeup products increase the redness on my nose after I've taken them off. But this seems to be perfect for my skin even after taking it off - if that makes any sense!

I'm already a bit 'scared' of running out of this, to be honest! haha πŸ˜‚ It cost me about €40 and that's quite an amount of money to spend on a CC cream...

With this product, It Cosmetics has definitely caught my attention and I'm already eyeing the CC+ Eye CC Concealer! πŸ€”

Have you tried this CC cream yet? If so, how do you like it? x


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