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5 at Home Beauty Treatments to Prepare Your Skin for the Beach - Guest Post by Karolina Miseviciute

It's this time of the year when we get ourselves out there and go to the beach. It's the time we both love and hate. Who doesn't like the ocean or the warm sand that makes you feel so alive? However, going to the beach also means that you'll need to expose more skin than ever. We certainly need to prepare for that! Here are some of the beauty treatments you shouldn't forget before going for a treat!

Pamper Your Feet
We often forget our feet since they're somewhere hidden in those shoes. Nobody seems them. However, it's very different once you come out to the beach. All the sudden, everyone can see everything! Your calluses and your toenails! It only means one thing, it's time to pamper your feet! First, you probably want to get rid of those calluses. You can either do that with a callus remover or a pumice stone. Pumice stones tend to be more effective though since they're a bit rougher. I also love using one, because they're super cheap. You don't need to spend more than $4 to get a good one in a supermarket.

What I usually do to remove my calluses.
- I soak my feet in either chamomile tea or lukewarm water with Epsom salt. They tend to soften the skin much better than water alone.
- I use the lovely pumice stone to get rid of all that dead skin.
For the final touch, I love to apply either olive oil or coconut oil to my feet, put socks on and go to sleep. Giving your feet time to soak in all the moisture helps to keep that baby skin alive!

Cleanse Your Skin
Keeping your skin shiny and light is super important in the summer. We spend a lot of time outside and the skin can easily get problematic. I'm a big fan of natural cleansing remedies. Here is a short recipe for a facial cleanser that I usually use.

Honey and Lemon Cleanser
Mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of lemon juice. They both have antiseptic properties and honey moisturises the skin too. Overall, a good combination to soothe your skin. Rub the mixture into your skin in circular motions. Afterwards, wash it off with lukewarm water.

The Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is quite a good cleanser that you could buy too. It doesn't dry out my skin as much as other products do. Certainly recommend this one.

Have a Brazilian
For an extra fresh feeling, you may want to get a Brazilian waxing. Removing hair from down there can be both painful and confusing. I personally don't like shaving since it ends up being very itchy and simply uncomfortable. Epilation is great but it's very painful. That's why most of the times I just end up waxing and I absolutely love it. It's less painful and the results last for quite long - up to a month even! Here are some of the waxing products that I recommend to remove hair: My Favourite Waxing Products.

Some of my tips on how to wax the bikini area:
- Exfoliate beforehand. You can either use a loofah while you're showering or the Asutra Organic Exfoliating Scrub that works quite well on my bikini area.
- Cut your strips into small pieces. It's much easier to remove all the hairs, and it greatly reduces the pain while waxing. It's always better to rip out fewer hairs at once.
- Afterwards, apply an oil and moisturising cream. It's a good idea to wear loose clothes or even sleep naked once you're done with the procedure to avoid irritation.

Get Some of That Tan Going
It's a good idea to get some tan before going to the beach otherwise your skin may burn. There are salons where you could go bathing. Spending more time outside might help too. If you're extra pale and you always keep burning, it might be a good idea to start taking supplements that increase melanin levels in your skin. In that way, you're more likely to catch some tan and protect yourself from scary burns.

Give Some Love to Your Hair
The sun makes us happy, however, our hair doesn't feel that way at all. Salty water and the sun can seriously damage and dry out our hair. Before every beach season, I pamper them with coconut oil. What I usually do is apply some of the oil to the ends of my hair, make a bun and keep it that way for a day or so. Especially if I know that I am going the gym that day, and I'll need to wash my hair anyway. I also love using the Garnier Fructis Colour Resist Mask. I have never found a mask that would nurture and refresh my hair more than this one. Whenever you're using it, make sure to apply it to your hair ends only and keep it on for around 30 seconds. Otherwise, it makes your hair too oily.

Author Bio:
My name is Karolina and I love writing about hair removal and skin care at Epilator Home. I share my experiences as well as tips that help to make hair removal processes more pleasant and effective!

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