Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cosnature Detox Day & Night Cream

All those boxes, bags and suitcases are piling up in my room, my family - especially my mum - is going crazy over the fact that I'm moving out next week and I'm in between all that. I know I've mentioned that I'm going to move back to Berlin many times on the blog now but I just need to write that down sometimes to actually realise that it's really going to happen soon.

Everything is so exciting yet so surreal to me at the moment that sometimes I don't even know how to properly react in certain situations because of that and it's making me so frustrated! There are moments where I think I should reconsider my choice of moving back to Berlin if I'm completely honest with you guys...

Anyway! I'm sorry for talking on and on about all that life-y stuff so let's just continue with the products of today's blog post!

You guys may or may not have noticed that I blog regularly about products that I get from a monthly Blogger Club Box and today I want to share an amazing face cream duo with you that I got the chance to try thanks to this box!

It's the Cosnature Detox Day & Night Cream* duo enriched with vitamin E, green tea and lemon. It says it's best for stressed and tired looking skin, which was the crucial point within the description that made me choose this duo.

The Night Cream also contains shea butter, which I do not only like in body lotions but now also in moisturisers for my face as it is a very rich and nourishing ingredient that my skin seems to like a lot.

I do want to mention that I don't use this combination every single day; sometimes I just use the Day Cream, sometimes I only use the Night Cream and sometimes I use completely different moisturisers. However, this duo has become my go-to for when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a relaxation and de-stress.

There are mornings - and these seem to occur a lot more frequently over the past few weeks - where I look at myself in the mirror and instantly see that my skin looks dull and tired, but since discovering this I know that whenever my skin looks that way I have a moisturiser that will help it look more alive and fresh without any harsh ingredients.

I really recommend this duo to anyone, basically. Your skin will thank you for a little de-stress in the morning and/or evening and, I almost forgot about that, these creams also have a very nice, not too strong scent, which adds a little something to the relaxation part in my opinion.

Tell me about your favourite morning-evening moisturisers in the comments! x 


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