Monday, 14 August 2017

Five Blogs To Follow #1

Today's post is the start of a short new series here on my blog, which I do want to call 'Five Blogs To Follow'! I think there are so many amazing bloggers out there that just aren't appreciated enough and therefore I will mention their blog, their name and what I like about them in these posts!

I really hope you like them and maybe you can tell me a bit more about your favourite bloggers in the comments!

Get Ready With Laura 
I only very recently discovered Laura's blog because she sent me a DM on Twitter, which made me so happy! I actually couldn't believe there are so many more German bloggers out there who also publish their blog posts in English! Her blog is simply amazing; I love her images, her style of writing and she's such a sweet and lovely person as well!
Instagram: @getreadywithlaura

Elena Isabelle
It's the same with Elena's blog; she was born in Berlin - just like me - but her blog is written in English. She also has some amazing photography and writing skills and I really hope to meet her in Berlin someday!
Instagram: @elenaisabelle_

Just Snyx
Valentine's Instagram and her blog always give me massive photography envy... All of these blogs have incredible images and I love all of them but Valentine's photos are up there with my favourites!
Instagram: @its_not_snyx

Friday Faye
Faye seems like such a sweet person and I wish I could meet her someday! Her Instagram feed is all pretty in pink and I absolutely love that! Her blog is just as stunning and I really enjoy reading her posts!
Instagram: @fridayfaye

Kasie Beauty
Kasie's blog is the one that I've been following the longest, I believe. I love reading her posts and catching up with her through her pictures on Instagram, which, again, are amazing!
Instagram: @kasiebeauty

Have a lovely Monday! x


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