Sunday, 20 August 2017

ICONails Challenge with Catrice

One of my favourite highstreet brands currently has an amazing challenge for some influencers in the beauty niche! Catrice Cosmetics recently sent out a few packages with five of their new ICONails Gel Lacquers. I was lucky enough to receive one of them and immediately tried the lacquers.

The five colours I received are 05 'It's All About That Red', 16 'Cloud Nine', 33 'Pink Outside The Box', 11 'Go For Gold!' and 21 'Want To Be My Brightsmaid?'

My favourite colour out of these five is, who would have guessed it, number 11; it's a gorgeous rose gold metallic colour.
I've been wearing that colour on my nails for about five days today and it only starting cracking up yesterday, which I was really surprised about! Normally I don't wear nail polishes because they don't last as long as I would like them to but these seem to last very well, even without a top coat!

Once they've started cracking and chipping though, you can easily touch them up with the perfectly sized brush applicator. One sweep with the brush and the colour looks great again!

Another thing I really enjoy is the simple yet very pretty packaging of these lacquers! The bottles aren't as huge as some of the other nail polishes I've had so far, which makes them way better to store as well!

Like I already said so far I really like them, especially that rosegold colour! The longevity is alright as well and I can't wait to try them with a top coat! I'm pretty sure they will last even longer that way!

The ICONails Challenge was so much fun to do, especially because I got to try some new nail polishes and find my new favourite nail polish colour! It also made me want to try some more Catrice nail polishes as they really have some gorgeous colours!

What's your favourite nail polish brand and colour at the moment? x


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