Wednesday, 9 August 2017

p2 Cosmopolitan Chic Manicure On-The-Go Polish Pens

A few months a go I already did a post about the lovely p2 Limited Edition Box I won in a Facebook giveaway together with Nessi Cannelle. Up until now, I tried a few bits myself but I also gave away some of them.

The first items I want to mention on the blog are the Manicure On-The-Go Polish Pens in five different colours: 050 'metropolis grey', 040 'metropolis fuchsia', 030 'metropolis red', 020 'metropolis green' and 010 'metropolis nude'.

I only tried two of the shades, which were 050 and 040 but that was already enough to be able to state an opinion on them... I had some high hopes in these pens as I'm not the best at applying nail polish in general and most of the time I also don't really have the time to apply nail polish. So when I saw these I thought my little love-hate relationship with my nails would be over... But I was SO wrong!

First of all, they smell disgusting, like an Edding and that's just not the type of smell I want to have around when painting my nails.

Next, the tip of these pens is rock-hard and you have to press it so many times before the actual product comes out. Once the nail polish has dried, which doesn't take too long, the colours look alright but they only lasted, like, an hour for me before starting to crack. I was more than disappointed and also kind of sad because I thought the struggle would finally be over.

There's something positive about these, though, which is the way of application. Although the tip is very hard, it makes applying nail polish so much easier, even for a clumsy person like me!

Overall, I have to say that these were such a fail for me and I hope the ones from Catrice are better! They recently came up with the same idea and I really want to try those!

Have you tried any nail polish pens before? x


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