Friday, 22 September 2017

Nivea Shower Silk Mousse Rhubarb Raspberry

I woke up this morning remembering that it's finally the day! Today I'll be moving into my very first own flat! I'm a bit scared of living on my own, to be honest, but I think I'll manage that somehow!
The first few things have already made their way into the flat, one product being the Nivea Shower Silk Mousse in Rhubarb Raspberry*.

I've been using this foam for about two months now and I absolutely love it! You just have to shake the bottle, press the pump on top and the foam will come out, all soft and fluffy! The first thing that I noticed, apart from the simple yet pretty design of the packaging, was the smell, though! It's a very soft but still very sweet and fruity scent, which is right up my street!

This foam also leaves the skin incredibly soft after showering and most of the time I don't even have to use a body lotion afterwards, which is definitely a bonus in my opinion because I kind of hate having to apply a body lotion.

There is or was another lemony version of this foam as well but I can't seem to find it anywhere at the moment! I hope they still have them in DM or Rossmann because I really want to try the other one as well, especially because I love fruity scents and lemon always sounds good to me!

Now on to some facts and figures for this product! This shower mousse costs 2.49€ at Rossmann and you get 200 ml. The bottle is, as you can clearly see, not transparent, which is quite annoying as you can't see how much you've used already at all!
I also think this lasts quite well. I've not been using this in every single shower I take because there are times where I just don't feel like using a foam or mousse so this lasts very well for me!

However, shower foams, in general, are definitely something to try and I can't wait to try some more! I just saw that Original Source also released some shower foams, which I really want to try and review for you guys!

What do you think about foams and mousses for the shower? x


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Brand Focus: Rau Cosmetics

Recently I got the chance to try a completely new and amazing skincare brand, which is called Rau Cosmetics! They were kind enough to send over some product minis and I can't wait to share my experiences with you!

Apart from the BB Cream Perfect Care Medium, which is just too dark for me, I love everything! That's never happened before; I've never discovered a brand and instantly liked all of their products! My absolute favourite is the Calming & Repair Cream. It has such a light and amazing consistency and really does calm the skin! I always use this after the Silver Facial Washgel and the Tonic and my skin just feels great afterwards!

The face masks and the peeling are just as lovely as the rest of this range that I just mentioned! I love to use the Mineral Mask and the Beta Glucan Recovery Mask in the evening right after taking off my makeup because A. I love a good face mask before going to bed and B. these are my current favourites! Of course, I love my sheet masks but these two from Rau Cosmetics are just as great for my skin!

As these are the travel minis they're also perfect for trips away from home; I always use these when I go visit my family or my boyfriend over the weekends! The Tonic as such is definitely my favourite part of my not-at-home skincare routine! And of course the Cream - there's just something about this combination that my skin really enjoys and I love that!

I'm really glad that I got the chance to try some of their products because I found some new amazing ones to share with you and also some new favourites! Maybe go and have a look at their website yourself and see if there's anything you like!

What's your favourite brand at the moment? x


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Monday, 18 September 2017

Face Mask Favourites: Sheet Masks

Face masks have been a favourite thing of mine ever since I started blogging. There are so many amazing face masks out there and I have tried so many already that I can't really name only one favourite!
What I know for sure, though, is that I absolutely love sheet masks, especially the ones from Garnier! I purchased them a few weeks ago and only recently used the last one but I will repurchase a few of them very soon!

There are three masks from them that I really like, which are the Garnier SkinActive Hydrabomb Sheet Masks and I'm not sure whether or not they have a full name each but I think the different colours of the packaging makes it a lot easier to identify them anyway.

The first one claims to moisturise the skin and make it look more glowy, which I can definitely confirm! This one is also my favourite as it makes my skin look amazing and it smells great as well!
The other two sheet masks smell good, too and both of them claim to soothe and moisturise the skin, which I can confirm just as much!

It's always quite a struggle to put them on but I think that's a common thing when using sheet masks, isn't it? However, with sheet masks, I feel like they really do something for my skin and it always feels very spa-like when I put one on right before going to bed or in the morning before applying my makeup!

Sheet masks are definitely something to try and I hope to try some more masks and brands anytime soon!

Do you have any face mask favourites? x


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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Wellmaxx Shape Body Lotions

I have already talked about a few items from the Blogger Club Box I received in July and today I want to talk about two of the Wellmaxx body lotions!

The first one is the Wellmaxx Shape Bust Up Cream*, which claims to improve the elasticity and overall condition of the skin of your breast area and cleavage. First of all, I want to mention the incredible scent of this cream! It smells quite sweet but still fresh and I just love it so much! Along with the amazing scent, this body lotion absorbs very quickly and also has a very soft and creamy texture, which feels so good on the skin!
I'm not quite sure whether or not this has a made a difference in terms of elasticity, etc. but I just really like applying this on a regular basis before going to bed because it smells so good!

The other Wellmaxx product is the Shape Body Slim Day Lotion*, which claims to smooth skin contours and enhance the silhouette by stimulating the skin with a combination of caffeine and other helpful ingredients. The scent in this one is the same as in the Bust Up Cream but the texture is a lot more gel-like. Since using this one almost daily I do see a difference in my skin! I use this on my inner thighs and right below my bum, on my "problem areas", and gently massage it in. It feels very refreshing and also makes the skin feel a bit more toned! The extra bonus this has is the useful pump on top of the bottle, which makes the application even easier and faster!

Overall, I really like these two shaping body lotions because they smell incredible and the Body Slim Lotion actually works on my body! Like I already said I'm not too sure on the effect of the Bust Up Cream but I will definitely continue to use it anyway!

Do you have any experience with shaping body lotions? x


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Saturday, 16 September 2017

3 Setting Sprays Worth The Try

Here I'm back again with a "3 Products Worth The Try" post and this one has been on my list of blog post ideas for quite some time now - I seem to say that with almost every post, hm - and I'm so happy to finally present this to you guys!

I haven't been into setting sprays for that long but it's definitely become a part of my makeup routine that I don't want to miss now! There are three sprays in here but two of them are not actually stated to be a setting spray for makeup, however, I find them to be very good to use as such too!

But let's just go on with the products, shall we?

Prep & Prime Fix+ | MAC
The classic, of course. This one is indeed the only "real" setting spray and it's also my favourite. A little definitely goes a long way, especially when it's quite warm outside, this makes your makeup stay fresh a lot longer! Now that it's gotten a bit colder I also like to use this underneath my makeup just to make sure my skin is well prepared before putting any makeup on top. The mist is very fine as well, which is the most important thing to have a closer look at when testing out different setting sprays, in my opinion!

Grape Water | Caudalie
This one has been in my collection for such a long time and it's still going strong! I mainly use this when I think that my skin needs something to calm down in the morning before I go on with applying my makeup! After the makeup, I also like to spray this on as a setting spray because I think that it really helps my skin calm down and "destress". I have found this to set the makeup surprisingly well too, which I'm definitely not complaining about!

Rose Water Balancing Mist | Jurlique
Definitely a staple in many skincare collections and also one of mine! Many people love this face mist and I must admit that I love it too! It does say that it's a softening and hydrating face mist but that's the point why I think it's such a good setting spray for makeup as well! It really softens and hydrates the skin when you apply this before your makeup and somehow locks your makeup in place without making it look wet or patchy when it's applied afterwards! I will definitely use this more often during Autumn because my skin tends to dry out quite quickly during that season and this mist just really helps to nourish the skin!

As you can tell I'm not a girl that "sticks to the rules" of makeup and skincare products and just uses products that say "setting spray" on them. These products are definitely my top three at the moment and maybe there's the one or other new product for you in here as well!

What's your favourite setting/priming spray? x


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Friday, 15 September 2017

Creating Longer Lashes At Home: The Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit

Lashes. Many of us out there struggle with making them look the way we want them to even though there are so many ways of getting longer or more voluminous lashes.

There was a time where I desperately wanted to get eyelash extensions or a lash lift but it's just too expensive for me. So I got over that very quickly and then discovered the Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit* in my latest Miabox from July! I have to say that this is nowhere comparable to a lash lift whatsoever but it's an amazing way to lengthen and also colour your lashes at home!

In this kit, you get two mascara-like looking bottles, of which one is the Magic Lash Mascara and one is the Magic Fibre Extender.
You apply the mascara first and let it dry for just a couple seconds before going in with the extender. When I first read the things this kit was supposed to do I laughed a bit because it sounded so easy but when I applied the mascara for the first time and the extender right after I was quite impressed!

It's a very delicate and almost natural look and you can also top it up with another coat of another mascara but it really lengthens the lashes because of the fibres that are in the extender, it's amazing!
At the moment I'm debating again whether or not to get a lash lift anytime soon... I would love to but I think it's something that once you start getting it done you have to go over and over again because you just get used to how it looks, you know?

I'm still very happy with this kit for now and it's also something to just put on and leave the house without having to apply various coats of mascara to make the lashes look alright.

Have you tried anything for longer, fuller lashes before? x


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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Enchanted Dream Eye Palette

You guys may or may not have noticed that I didn't publish anything on Monday this week and I feel really bad about it, to be honest. I started my apprenticeship on that day and I just didn't manage to write anything! Hopefully, that's going to stay the one and only time that this happens now that I started my job!

Anyway! Today I want to talk to you about another gorgeous palette from Tanya Burr Cosmetics, which is the Enchanted Dream Eye Palette! I again got this on Feelunique a few months ago and I just can't help but say that this is even prettier than the Birthday Suit one!

Just like the Birthday Suit palette the Enchanted Dream palette contains four different shades: Moonlit Walk, Cocoa Plum, Berry Soufflé and Magic Carpet. They're all gorgeous and you can create various different looks with them!
Again, the pigmentation of the shades is amazing and they're very soft, almost buttery, which is such a lovely texture for eyeshadows and it makes applying them so much easier!

My favourite is definitely Berry Soufflé. I think it's an amazing shade to wear on its own, as well as with other shades, especially with a soft brown shade in the crease!
I'm of course still eyeing some other of her eyeshadow quads but for now, my collection is big enough and I think I've already found my favourite, which is this one!

This eyeshadow quad is perfect for a very simple yet very pretty everyday makeup look and I just love this so much!

Have you tried on of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eye Palettes before? x


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Dr Rimpler & Isabelle Lancray Beauty Event Hanover 2017

Blogger events are definitely one of my favourite things in the entire world. I've only been to two events so far but I'm still so happy that I had the chance to actually be a part of these amazing events! One of them being the Beauty Blogger Café in Berlin last year, which I also blogged about and which is going to take part again next month, and the other one was the Dr Rimpler & Isballe Lancray Beauty Day in Hanover two weeks ago!

If you guys have been following my blog for a while now you may have seen me talking about the products from Isabelle Lancray quite often and they're definitely one of my favourite brands out there! So you can only imagine how shocked yet happy and excited I was when I got the invitation to their event!

I went there with my cousin from Angels Beauty Corner and we had an absolute blast that day! The Beauty Day started at 10 in the morning and I was a bit shy at first because there were already a few people sitting and chatting away and I didn't want to interrupt anything but in the end everyone turned out to be so lovely and nice that I now kind of regret not talking to all of them... But there's always a next time, I hope. I'm already so excited for the next Beauty Blogger Café and I can't wait to just go for it and talk to as many different people as possible!

The day started with us getting our name tags and being divided into three different groups and an introduction from the lovely team at Dr Rimpler of which Isabelle Lancray has become a part of years ago.

My cousin and I were part of the purple team - there was also a blue and a grey one - and we were the first ones to receive either a waxing treatment, a brow treatment or a lash treatment. Both Yasmin and I went for the brow treatment and we were really pleased with our results!

After that first part of the day, the next stop already waited for us which was a facial treatment and it was the best thing ever! I've never been so relaxed before, I tell you! Pampered and all relaxed the day went on with a lovely lunch together with the brands' team and all the other bloggers and we had a nice chat with the girls at our table.

Last but not least we were told a few things about the brand itself, about their products and the ingredients as well - all cruelty-free -, which was very interesting and informative! We even got a little goodie bag with products suited just for our own individual skin type and concerns and I'm still extremely excited about that!
Then we had a little more time to take photos in their showroom, get our makeup done professionally and just talk to each other. I wish I was a bit more confident and open towards all the other girls but I'm sure I'll see them at another event someday!

Again a huge thank you to Dr Rimpler for inviting me to this special event and I hope there will be many more to come!

I also want to mention just some of the lovely girls that were there with me as well!

Saskia from Miss Different
Sandy from Zaphiraw
Julia from Des Belle Choses
Sylvi from Sylvis Lifestyle
Christine from Pretty You
Nadine from Lyvz Blog

Have you been to any events recently? x 


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Saturday, 9 September 2017

3 Eye Creams Worth The Try

Eye creams are definitely a thing to be very careful about and for me and my sensitive eye area, it's even more important. Down below I have three of my favourite eye creams at the moment that are amazing for making your eyes look more awake!

être belle | Golden Skin Roll-On Caviar Eye Gel
This is definitely my favourite! I received this in my Miabox in April and I tried and tested it ever since and I absolutely love it! It's so refreshing and hydrating and it's definitely made a difference in my undereye area! I feel like this also smoothes the skin very well, which is another amazing benefit!

Terra Naturi | Beauty Perfection Eye Cream
This again is something that I already blogged about a few weeks ago and I still love it! I mainly use this in the morning as it is very brightening and amazing for getting rid of those dark circles! This cream also seems great for sensitive skin!

Dalton | Face Care Instant Effect Eye Gel*
Last but not least I have this eye gel which is the most cooling and refreshing one out of these three! I sometimes even put it in the fridge for a few minutes and then apply it underneath the eyes; it's without a doubt the most amazing feeling ever! Especially when it's quite warm outside and you just feel like your eyes need a little refreshment!

Do you have any eye cream favourites at the moment? x


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Friday, 8 September 2017

Balea vs. Garnier: The BB Cream Battle

There are days where I don't want to wear a foundation or anything heavy on my face and that's when BB creams come in handy! I currently have only two in my makeup stash and I got both from my Highstreet Challenge with Angels Beauty Corner.

I have the Garnier SkinActive BB Cream in 'Light / Claire' and the Balea Tinted Moisturiser in 'Light Beige' with SPF 15. Both are said to be the perfect BB cream for a light coverage and a fresh looking appearance.

This one indeed has a very light coverage and it's also the perfect shade for my skintone. However, it doesn't make my skin look fresh at all. I tried three different ways of applying this to my face and none worked. I applied it with my fingers, it was streaky and not very blendable. I applied it with a brush, it looked awful! I applied it with a damp makeup sponge and it was even streakier and some parts of my face didn't even have product on! So, how am I supposed to apply this then?

I did try this BB cream a few more times and it always looked awful. I don't know whether it's just my skin type, my way of applying it or a combination of both that makes this a huge pass for me!

On the other, more positive side of this duo-review, I also have a favourite of course! The Garnier BB cream is perfect for my skin type and it's easy to blend too; especially when you use a damp makeup sponge you get an almost flawless finish! It's so very lightweight and just barely covers any imperfections that your skin still looks natural but with a bit more dewiness.
The shade of this is perfect as well. I was a bit sceptical because I had tried a few face products that claimed to be for "light skin" and just didn't work out for me but this is just amazing for my skintone.

As you can tell I clearly have a favourite. I don't know what it is about the one from Balea but I just don't really like it. As for the one from Garnier, I don't have anything to complain really.
I'm really looking forward to trying some more BB and CC creams in the near future and I will, of course, review any new ones for you if you'd like that!

Do you use any BB creams? If so, which one is your favourite? x


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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How To Create The Perfect Gel Manicure At Home - Guest Post by Carolette Alcoran

What's the point of spending your valuable cash on nail polish that fades away or chips off in a day or two? Perhaps you've tried doing it yourself at home to save money but ended up going back to the nail spa if you weren't happy with the results. Maybe the nail spa has recommended using gel polish so that your manicure lasts longer, but you've been put off by the higher price.

Well, there is a solution to both those problems, and that is to buy your own gel nail kit from a supplier like Svensson and do the manicure yourself. Gel polish is much easier to apply than ordinary polish because it is cured by UV light, so it doesn't start drying on the nails whilst you are applying it. But there are some important steps that you need to follow to ensure that your home manicure is as good as you'll get in the nail spa. So let's get started:

Step 1: Clean Your Nails
The initial part of the manicure should start with the cleaning routine. This is as important as any of the other steps because if the nails are not completely clean, the polish may start peeling off within the two weeks that is normally claimed to be the period that gel polish will stay on the nails. Start with cleaning your nails by removing any old nail polish. You can use a nail cleanser for doing that. After removing old nail polish, brush your nail thoroughly with soapy water and trim them using a nail clipper to get the desired shape. Then do a final clean with acetone to ensure there no traces of soap or oil left on the nail.

Step 2: Apply Gel Base Coat
The next step is to apply the base coat. However, before doing that apply some sunscreen to the fingers (but not the nails) to protect your skin from the UV light that will be used to cure each layer of the polish. Make sure you don't get the base coat on the cuticles and apply it as evenly as you can, and not too thick. Use the UV/LED lamp to dry the nails keeping them right under the lamp. Let them dry for the specified amount of time. This may vary depending on the brand of polish and the intensity of the light, but is usually around 1 - 2 minutes.

Step 3: Apply Gel Nail Polish
After ensuring that the base coat is dry, apply the color coat to your nails. Apply the polish to your nails evenly and as thinly as possible. Following this, let the polish dry under the UV/LED lamp for the same amount of time. If the instructions say 1 - 2 minutes, that means you can dry it in one minute if you've managed a very thin coat, but if it's thicker you may need up to two minutes. Usually, for beginners, it's best to start with something in between - say one and a half minutes - and only increase it if the nails are not completely dry. As you get more proficient at applying gel polish, you will be able to apply it more thinly and reduce drying time.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3
This is the real secret to a successful gel manicure. Applying two layers of the nail polish will ensure that they last the full two weeks and also provide more boldness to your nails, making them look even more attractive. Many women even apply three coats of the color coat which can often make the manicure last three weeks instead of two, but this also depends on the base and top coats being properly applied as well. Between each coat use the UV/LED lamp to dry the polish.

Step 5: Apply Gel Top Coat
The top coat is the key to achieving a sustainable and perfect gel polish manicure as it prevents the nail polish color from chipping. Therefore ensure that you apply the gel top coat carefully to your nails making sure it doesn't overlap onto the cuticles and there are no gaps in the coverage. Again use UV/LED lamp to dry the nails, this time for perhaps an extra 10 seconds to ensure they are completely dry.

Step 6: Apply Isopropyl Alcohol To Your Nails
This step is an add-on to the manicure process. By rubbing a cotton wool ball soaked in an alcohol solution over your finished nails, you can remove the slight stickiness that is often left on the top coat and make your nails look hard and shiny.

Follow these simple steps to achieve good looking and sexy nails. Creating a perfect gel polish manicure at home doesn't seem so difficult now, does it? Have fun showing off your beautiful nails to the world!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Miro Femme EdP + Body Lotion

It's been quite a while since I last reviewed a perfume here on the blog and today's one is quite a special one too! There's not only a lovely perfume but there's also a body lotion with the exact same scent!

Both these products were part of my monthly Blogger Club Box last month and I did have the chance to try a Miro Fragrance before, which you can read more about here, so I wanted to try another one and see how diverse their perfumes are!
In most of my fragrance reviews, I start with the top, heart and base notes of the perfume, which I will also start again with today.

Top Notes: Mandarine, Black Currant

Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, Peach

Base Notes: Iris, Musk

I do seriously love this scent, it's right up my street and the combination of the fruity scents from the mandarine and the peach together with the quite floral scent from the iris smell lovely! However, there's one note in here that's always making me go a bit "Hm, it makes me smell like an older woman" if you know what I'm trying to say. I think it's the ylang ylang that just isn't my favourite in here but apart from that little note, I love this!

It's the same with the body lotion. It has the same scent and it's also the same note that I just don't like but there are other details to have a look at when reviewing body lotions, right? 
This does not only smell lovely, it also absorbs really quickly! Once you put it on and rub it in for a few seconds it's gone and leaves your skin smelling wonderful and feeling very soft.

Overall I'm quite enjoying this duo at the moment, apart from that one note that I just don't like at all... But I can live with that, to be honest!

Have you heard of Miro Fragrances before? x


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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Essence My Must Haves Palette

Essence is one of my favourite highstreet brands at the moment and they've really stepped up their game recently! In my last Highstreet Challenge with my cousin Yasmin from Angels Beauty Corner, I received the Essence My Must Haves Palette with four different shades, which are gorgeous!

The concept behind this is that you can either create a four shades palette or an eight shades palette with different eyeshadows, blushes, powders, highlighters, bronzers etc. Because I got the palette all ready to use, I don't know which of the four shades are actual eyeshadows, which are face powders and so on, so I just use all of them as eyeshadows!

The first shade in the palette is a gorgeous beige, almost white with little pigments of shimmer in it. It's the perfect browbone highlighter shade and the pigmentation is great as well!

The next shade is a pretty very light pink, which is right up my street and I just love using that as an inner corner highlight or all over the inner part of my eyelid!

The second to last shade is a stunning copper shade, again with little pigments of shimmer in it and I just love this shade the most!

The very last shade in this palette is a dark greyish purple, which I like to use in the crease and the outer corner of the eye.

All four of the shades that I have in my very own palette are beautifully pigmented, super easy to blend and look gorgeous when applied to the eyelid! The darker shades do have a bit of fallout but that's nothing a fluffy brush can't fix!
I like the shades even better when I spray my brush with some MAC Fix+ before going into the pan; it makes the colours so much more vibrant and they last longer as well! The longevity can be further increased when you use the Essence I ♥ Stage Eyeshadow Base before going in with the actual eyeshadows!

I really like this palette as you can tell and I can't wait to buy a few more of the shades that they currently have!

Have you heard of this concept from Essence before? x


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

3 Powders Worth The Try

Face powders are not normally the products I rave about because they make the makeup look so dry and cakey - if not applied correctly! Lately, I've been enjoying face powders for setting my concealer underneath my eyes, on the sides of my nose and the sides of my mouth.

I never thought about setting my concealer at all but now that I'm doing so I love it and I also love the look and finish of it. At the moment I have three favourites, which almost look the same from the outside and on the inside as well but they actually have a different look and finish after being applied to the face!

Nick Assfalg | Transparent Powder
This powder is the only pressed powder I have in my collection and is also the only pressed one I want to mention in this post. I normally don't reach for pressed powders because most of the ones you can get at the drugstore are coloured and make my foundation and concealer oxidise throughout the day. Therefore a transparent pressed powder is just the right one for me and the one from Nick Assfalg has a lovely texture and also gives a great finish to the skin! I especially like to use this on the sides of my nose as I can really work this into the fines lines and small wrinkles that are there.

Catrice Cosmetics | Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt
This loose powder started the whole baking, setting and using powder trend for me in the first place. I had heard so many great things about this Catrice powder that I just had to try it for myself and I'm definitely not regretting this purchase! It's incredible for baking and setting the concealer underneath the eyes and leaves your skin looking flawless and somewhat smooth as well! Definitely my favourite for the eye area at the moment!

technic | Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder* 
As you can tell by the name, this is a loose powder as well and I love this just as much as the one from Catrice I just mentioned! I do like to use this to set the concealer underneath my eyes as well but I generally use this all over my face. It doesn't cling to the skin or makes it look powdery in any way, which is what I've always been looking for in a face powder! While I use the one from Catrice mainly underneath the eyes, I like to use this to add just that little bit of extra powder to the parts of my face that tend to get oily throughout the day.

Do you have any face powder favourites at the moment? x


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Friday, 1 September 2017

Brand Focus: Skin Chemists

If you guys have been around for a while you will know that Skin Chemists has become one of my all time favourite skincare brands!

This blog gave me the chance to try so many amazing products so far and the ones from Skin Chemists have always been up there with my favourites! That's why today, I want to talk to you about the brand as a whole and what I like about them and their products so much.

The first ever product I got to try from them was the Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil and it's still going strong! I love using it as a primer for my makeup when there are special occasions I've been invited to because I don't want it to run out so quickly!

At the moment, though, I'm absolutely smitten with the Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser, which I kindly received last month and have been using since then! It smells divine and has made such a difference in my complexion that I'm, again, scared of running out of this because it's so amazing!
The other products I do use regularly and I really don't want to go without them ever again! That might sound a bit exaggerated but I just genuinely love their products!
I might not be able to afford to repurchase all of them because they're quite pricey but in my opinion, they're definitely worth every penny!

The fact that their products are indeed a bit pricier makes the brand itself also feel somewhat more luxurious and special to me. Whenever I'm using something from them, and especially because they were so kind and sent the products to me as well, I feel so special and it feels like I'm doing something great for my skin. I'm not very well informed about all of their other products to be fair but the ones I've tried so far are amazing and I highly recommend them!

Like I already said Skin Chemists is definitely a brand to try; when you're not a budget... That's the only sad fact about them, that their products are expensive! But on the other hand, you really know the value you get for your money and I'm sure that with most products you won't be disappointed either!

Have you tried anything from Skin Chemists before? If not then you should definitely check out their website! x


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