Saturday, 9 September 2017

3 Eye Creams Worth The Try

Eye creams are definitely a thing to be very careful about and for me and my sensitive eye area, it's even more important. Down below I have three of my favourite eye creams at the moment that are amazing for making your eyes look more awake!

ĂȘtre belle | Golden Skin Roll-On Caviar Eye Gel
This is definitely my favourite! I received this in my Miabox in April and I tried and tested it ever since and I absolutely love it! It's so refreshing and hydrating and it's definitely made a difference in my undereye area! I feel like this also smoothes the skin very well, which is another amazing benefit!

Terra Naturi | Beauty Perfection Eye Cream
This again is something that I already blogged about a few weeks ago and I still love it! I mainly use this in the morning as it is very brightening and amazing for getting rid of those dark circles! This cream also seems great for sensitive skin!

Dalton | Face Care Instant Effect Eye Gel*
Last but not least I have this eye gel which is the most cooling and refreshing one out of these three! I sometimes even put it in the fridge for a few minutes and then apply it underneath the eyes; it's without a doubt the most amazing feeling ever! Especially when it's quite warm outside and you just feel like your eyes need a little refreshment!

Do you have any eye cream favourites at the moment? x


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