Saturday, 16 September 2017

3 Setting Sprays Worth The Try

Here I'm back again with a "3 Products Worth The Try" post and this one has been on my list of blog post ideas for quite some time now - I seem to say that with almost every post, hm - and I'm so happy to finally present this to you guys!

I haven't been into setting sprays for that long but it's definitely become a part of my makeup routine that I don't want to miss now! There are three sprays in here but two of them are not actually stated to be a setting spray for makeup, however, I find them to be very good to use as such too!

But let's just go on with the products, shall we?

Prep & Prime Fix+ | MAC
The classic, of course. This one is indeed the only "real" setting spray and it's also my favourite. A little definitely goes a long way, especially when it's quite warm outside, this makes your makeup stay fresh a lot longer! Now that it's gotten a bit colder I also like to use this underneath my makeup just to make sure my skin is well prepared before putting any makeup on top. The mist is very fine as well, which is the most important thing to have a closer look at when testing out different setting sprays, in my opinion!

Grape Water | Caudalie
This one has been in my collection for such a long time and it's still going strong! I mainly use this when I think that my skin needs something to calm down in the morning before I go on with applying my makeup! After the makeup, I also like to spray this on as a setting spray because I think that it really helps my skin calm down and "destress". I have found this to set the makeup surprisingly well too, which I'm definitely not complaining about!

Rose Water Balancing Mist | Jurlique
Definitely a staple in many skincare collections and also one of mine! Many people love this face mist and I must admit that I love it too! It does say that it's a softening and hydrating face mist but that's the point why I think it's such a good setting spray for makeup as well! It really softens and hydrates the skin when you apply this before your makeup and somehow locks your makeup in place without making it look wet or patchy when it's applied afterwards! I will definitely use this more often during Autumn because my skin tends to dry out quite quickly during that season and this mist just really helps to nourish the skin!

As you can tell I'm not a girl that "sticks to the rules" of makeup and skincare products and just uses products that say "setting spray" on them. These products are definitely my top three at the moment and maybe there's the one or other new product for you in here as well!

What's your favourite setting/priming spray? x


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